Park Partnership Program

Ellensburg City Council

Relevent Country: United States of America

The Ellensburg City Council has announced the applications for the Park Partnership Program.



  • To improve or increase park, open space, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities for the general public through capital improvement projects, including the purchase of equipment.
  • Foster public initiative and participation in developing City parks and recreational facilities.
  • Enhance the quality of life in Ellensburg.

Funding Information

  • This year the ‘Park Partnership Program’ will have a total of $17,591.00 (seventeen thousand five hundred and ninety-one dollars) available for projects.

Duration: All projects must be completed within 12 (twelve) months of award, however an extension may be granted through approval of the Parks & Recreation Commission.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Applicants

  • Service and civic groups, athletic/sports organizations, neighborhood park user groups and non-profit organizations.
  • Partnerships among individuals and/or groups will also be considered.

Eligible Sites

  • City owned, leased or controlled parks, trails, open space and recreational facilities used by the general public have first priority.
  • Facilities and amenities may serve passive, active, or special interest recreation activities.

Project Eligibility

  • Projects must be located on publicly owned property to be eligible.
  • Projects should be in conformance to any applicable master plan.
  • Public bid laws may be applicable for purchases made by the applicant. Please contact the City Parks & Recreation Director, or his/her designee, to determine if public bid law applies to your project.
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational facilities are eligible for partnership funding.
  • Park Partnership applicants are required to provide match for each dollar requested. Match may consist of cash, donated labor, donated materials, use of construction equipment, or architectural/landscape design services.
  • Volunteer labor is valued at the standard IRS rate.
  • Equipment donations will be valued at the price the equipment would be rented for per hour.
  • Donated professional services will be valued at the “reasonable and customary” rate.
  • The applicant may not use City staff time as match or request City staff to perform any work associated with the project other than what would be considered routine park work (example; park staff would go out and mark sprinkler heads for a project however park staff will not relocate sprinkler lines to accommodate a project – the project applicant would need to hire a company to perform that work).