Participation Sponsorship Program

Latrobe City Council

Relevent Country: Australia

The Latrobe City Council is now inviting applications for its Participation Sponsorship Program to support the inclusion of preschool and school aged Latrobe City Council residents in disadvantaged circumstance to participate in recreation activities where participation costs are leveraged on the participant.

The program provides support to individuals by paying funds directly to sporting clubs to cover participation fees.

Funding Information

  • Maximum grant amount: $250

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible individuals must:

  • Be free of debt to Latrobe City Council and have no outstanding acquittals from previous Latrobe City Council grant applications;
  • Reside in Latrobe City; and
  • Hold a Health Care or Pension Concession card.


  • Applications must be completed in full and have sufficient evidence to make a reasonable assessment of the application. Applications must be submitted on the correct application form.
  • Be applying to a recreation club that is a not-for-profit, and based in Latrobe City.
  • Applicants must agree that Council will pay fees directly to the recreation club.
  • Applications must be submitted by the Assessment Date prior to the activity.
  • Latrobe City Council may request additional information to assist in assessing an application for funding.
  • Additional funding conditions may be applied during assessment.
  • Latrobe City Council must be notified of any significant changes to the application by submitting a written request for a funding variation. This includes requests for extensions of time to acquit the activity.
  • Latrobe City Council shall be given prior notice if invited to participate in any public relations activities associated with the activity.
  • Funds must be expended within 3 months of receiving funding and acquitted within 2 months of beginning participation in the recreation activity, unless written approval has been given for an extension.
  • Applicants who have an outstanding acquittal will not be able to apply for further funding.
  • Funding must not be regarded as a recurrent commitment from Council.