Pop-up Food Relief Market grants program

Victorian Government

Relevent Country: Australia

The Victorian Government is accepting applications for Pop-up Food Relief Market grants program for Community organisations that delivers free and low-cost food to people in need, through new pop-up food relief markets across Melbourne.


The Pop-up Food Relief Markets aim to ensure that:

  • People facing vulnerability can more easily access healthy and culturally appropriate food relief, in a dignified way.
  • People accessing food relief are supported to access other community supports and services, and to increase their food literacy and food security.
  • Community support is enhanced through the establishment of partnerships or networks of community organisations that endure into the future.


The key objectives of this program are to:

  • Build stronger partnerships across the Victorian food relief sector, supporting both existing and new partnerships.
  • Support new methods of providing food relief to people facing vulnerability in areas of greatest need.
  • Build the capacity of networks of organisations to support their communities with healthier and more culturally appropriate food relief.
  • Begin to address barriers to food securityby building networks of community supports and services.

Funding Information

  • There are two streams of funding available to deliver the pop-up food relief markets – welcoming physical spaces for local communities to access fresh food and staples.
  • The total funding pool is $1.25 million

Small projects funding stream:

  • Grants of up to $25,000 available (up to 16 projects)
  • Single organisations eligible, although use of networks in delivering the markets is encouraged
  • Minimum of four (4) markets over a two (2) month timeframe

Large projects funding stream

  • Grants of up to $85,000 available (up to 10 projects)
  • Partnerships of organisations eligible, with a lead organisation applying
  • Minimum of ten (10 markets) over a six (6) month period

What can be funded?

  • Markets must be held in metropolitan government areas.
  • Proposals for regular physical markets over a set period of time or different times (i.e., fortnightly markets, daytime, evening, weekend). Not all markets have to be tailored for the same community group.
  • Food purchasing for the market, if donations will make it difficult to ensure fresh, healthy food is available or to support a specific demographics (i.e., culturally appropriate food).
  • Resources for the market, such as equipment, staffing, operational and logistics costs.
  • Developing supports and resources and or accessing existing resources for reducing food insecurity/ building food literacy (e.g., offering healthy food making demonstrations during the market hours, providing healthy recipe cards with food, offering follow up healthy food classes).
  • Partnerships between organisations to build food security / food access, organisational capability and system networks i.e., access to other essential products or services. e.g., Community Health Centre, No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) providers, Neighbourhood Houses, volunteer organisations, social support organisations, faith organisations).
  • Promoting markets through a broad range of networks, in accessible formats and a range of relevant languages.
  • Proposals to that clearly demonstrate evidence of need within the targeted community group(s) or Local Government Areas (LGAs).

Eligibility Criteria

For small and large projects streams:

  • The lead organisation must be a legal entity able to enter into contracts.
  • The application must provide details on the established partnerships or networks that are in place to deliver the project.
  • The proposed activities must not duplicate activities that are being delivered through other Local, State, or Commonwealth Government funded programs.
  • Outcomes of the proposed project must benefit Victorians.

Source: https://www.vic.gov.au/pop-food-relief-market-grants