Project Grant

Lithuanian Foundation

Relevent Country: United States of America

The Lithuanian Foundation is offering grants to support projects that contribute to the preservation of the Lithuanian heritage. As such, the Foundation concentrates its resources on those projects that demonstrate the potential for far reaching benefits to the Lithuanian community and the community at large.

Focus Areas

The Foundation gives priority and invests in new, innovative programs as well as established programs in the émigré community, with an eye to supporting those grant requests that collaborate with other programs to provide a synergistic benefit to the community. In striving to achieve these goals, the Foundation concentrates its giving in the following areas:

  • Education: The Foundation believes that education will ensure the continuity of the richness of their Lithuanian heritage. Therefore, they favor programs that contribute to the strengthening of their heritage school system as well as research that enriches the knowledge base for future generations.
  • Culture: The Foundation believes that the Lithuanian culture is the bond that unites them. Therefore, they favor projects that accentuate the vibrancy of the Lithuanian culture and invest in projects that create opportunities for cultural expression and a venue for broad participation.
  • Community: The Foundation believes that it indeed “takes a village”. Therefore they favor projects that unite and augment the community and invest in projects that create a vital means of partnership for those who value the Lithuanian heritage.
  • Youth: The Foundation believes that the future of the heritage rests in the hearts of their youngest members. Therefore they favor projects that instill a love of culture and a sense of community in the younger generation and consider it crucial to invest in the support of youth organizations, summer camps, artistic performances geared to younger audiences and the like.


Grant requests for projects are to be allocated according to these priorities:

  • Lithuanian American Community, Inc. apps.
  • Lithuanian World Community apps.
  • Remaining apps from the US.
  • Applications from other countries outside of Lithuania.
  • Applications from Lithuania.

Eligibility Criteria

Support only the following entities:

  • IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations (USA)
  • Other organizations or persons implementing projects for non-profit purposes.
  • Institutions outside of US which would be eligible if they were in the US


The Lithuanian Foundation does not support:

  • Private for profit businesses, for profit organizations or for profit individuals (exceptions may apply)
  • Any request from governmental or political organizations.
  • Personal travel expenses.
  • Personal clothing, i.e. sport uniforms, traditional Lithuanian folk attire.
  • Personal charitable support is not provided.
  • Incomplete grant applications will not be considered.