Proposals for Neighbourhood Engagements under Project 560

India Foundation for the Arts

Relevent Country: India

The India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) invites proposals for Neighbourhood Engagements under Project 560 that explore memories of the past, experiences of the present and imaginations of the future.

IFA seeks to implement projects that engage with the spaces, stories, and people of your neighbourhoods, in Bangalore. These engagements could be an event or a series of events that could include storytelling sessions, music, street performances, temporary/permanent installations, mapping exercises, walks and so on, that would enable people to rethink and reimagine their neighbourhoods, make it more visible, and express through the arts and culture, the joys and challenges of living together. These engagements must be public and in a physical format, with virtual elements in part, if necessary.

Funding Information

  • Budget: You can request for support up to a maximum of Rs 35,000
  • Duration of the project: All activities have to take place between November 2022 and March 2023

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals based in Bangalore can apply.
  • You are eligible to apply only if you are an Indian citizen. Your collaborators too must be Indian citizens.
  • The criteria to apply are as follows:
  • Only Indian nationals can apply. This does not include PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) and OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) Card Holders.
  • Applicants must have PAN card and one of the following for proof of identity and citizenship – Indian Passport or Aadhar Card or Voter’s ID in India
  • Only individuals can apply. Organisations of any kind cannot apply
  • If there are collaborators in the projects, they must also be Indian nationals
  • Persons who have a past history of financial delinquency with IFA are not eligible
  • Persons who have failed to deposit at IFA agreed deliverables from an earlier IFA grant are not eligible
  • Persons who have previously received a letter from IFA disallowing them from applying in the future for any reason are not eligible
  • More than one individual can apply if they have a joint account. If they do not, then only one among them should apply with the others as collaborators


  • They do not encourage only virtual presentations.
  • They especially encourage proposals that reflect upon and/ or respond to the changes that they are encountering in our social, cultural, political and ecological spaces and relationships.
  • They also strongly encourage people from diverse backgrounds and community members to be co-creators and audience for the proposed projects.