Quiet Innovators Program

Shiv Nadar Foundation

Relevent Country: India

If your innovation has the power to change lives, then apply now for the Quiet Innovators Program.
Quiet Innovators by Shiv Nadar Foundation and campaign partner The Better India is a contest dedicated to highlighting the efforts of India’s brilliant innovators in the fields of education, health, sustainability and social causes. With a total prize of Rs 4 Lakhs for the top four winners, the contest is meant to provide a platform to the innovators to showcase their work, which has the potential to create large-scale social change.

Innovation in Education
  • Recognizing innovations aimed at enhancing student learning and supporting educators.
  • Innovation for Social Cause
  • Acknowledging initiatives that leverage technology to address social issues and benefit the broader community.
  • Innovation for Health & Wellness
  • Highlighting technological advancements dedicated to improving community health and fostering overall wellness.
  • Innovation for Sustainability
  • Recognizing technological breakthroughs focused on promoting sustainable living and environmentally conscious practices.
  • Benefits
  • 1 winner from each of the 4 categories will receive a prize money of Rs. 1 lakh each.
Who can participate?
  • Participation is open to all Indian citizens above the age of 18.
  • Each participant can register only once.
  • You can participate as individuals, Group/startups and NGOs.