Renewable Energy in India: Prospects and Potential Challenges of the Sector Beyond Solar

Earth Journalism Network

Relevent Country: India

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) is offering grants to boost reporting on renewable energy in India.

As part of this grant round, they will support the production of in-depth stories on the prospects, problems and pathways forward for renewable energy, with a focus on renewable energy sources beyond solar, and initiatives to ensure the equitable access to and uptake of RE among marginalized communities. In addition to funding, selected journalists will receive support from experienced mentors through the story production process.
Although they have a particular focus on Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, applications about renewable energy in all states and union territories will be welcome from journalists all over India.

They aim to support the production of stories that raise awareness about renewable energy and drive conversation among communities and policy makers at the local, national, and regional level. Proposals that focus on topics or stories that have not been widely covered are preferred. Issues that have already received a lot of media coverage or don’t provide unique angles to environmental or climate challenges are less likely to be selected.

Funding Information

  • They expect to award story grants with an average budget of $1,200 each

Eligible Projects

  • For this grant opportunity, they welcome story ideas from journalists looking to explore:
  • The growth and potential challenges faced by the wind energy sector, including offshore wind
  • The prospects of more nascent forms of RE in India: geothermal energy, tidal energy, etc.
  • Technological developments to improve energy storage systems
  • Policy measures and reforms to promote green hydrogen
  • The nexus between climate, food security and the growing demand for biofuels
  • Clean mobility and its associated trade-offs
  • The existing gaps in access to sustainable energy and efforts to improve women’s and marginalized communities’ access to RE
  • Scientific innovations and policy initiatives to scale RE capacity to meet India’s climate targets by 2050

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are open to India-based journalists and other expert media practitioners with a demonstrated interest in reporting on the RE sector, or other topics related to energy and the environment.
  • Groups of journalists are eligible. However, the application must be made in the name of one lead applicant. Lead applicants are responsible for communicating with EJN and receiving funds on the group’s behalf, if awarded.
  • To ensure equal opportunities and a diversity of voices, they especially encourage applications from women, young journalists and journalists from Indigenous communities.
  • For the purposes of this grant opportunity, they will only be accepting applications in English. Unfortunately, they do not have the capacity to consider applications in other languages at this time. Applicants must either have a working understanding of English or have a translator available to assist with communication with Internews staff.
  • Applications are open to journalists working in any medium (online, print, television, radio) and other expert media practitioners with professional reporting experience. They welcome applications from early-career journalists and experienced reporters with a track record of covering renewable energy issues. They will give preference to journalists who regularly cover economy, business and energy beats. They encourage applications from freelance reporters and staff from all types of media organizations – international, national, local and community-based.
  • EJN reserves the right to disqualify applicants from consideration if they have been found to have engaged in unethical or improper professional conduct.