Request for proposal for Agreement for the Performance of Work - Production of information and communication materials to support Universal Health Coverage (UHC) work of WHO/Western Pacific Region Office

World Health Organization
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Detailed Description


  • WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO) is committed to Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as the overarching vision for health sector development in the Western Pacific Region.
  • The Regional Office supports its Member States to advance towards UHC through facilitating high-level multisectoral policy dialogues, providing technical support, building country capacity and platforms for sharing regional experience, engaging with development partnes to support the national planning process and ensure donor funding alignment with national health priorities.

To do this work effectively WPRO requires support in producing information and communication materials, namely:

  • UHC Graphic for Regional Action agenda to illustrate solidarity around UHC, encapsulating the phrase ‘Better Together’.
  • UHC e-Module to assist in the effective communication and dissemination of the Moving Towards Better Health UHC Framework by developing a platform that can be developed and improved over time.
  • UHC Placemat Graphic to develop a UHC specific placemat that could be used as a tool to increase awareness.
  • UHC Front Cover to develop a front cover to the Moving Towards Better Health document that utilises the existing style, characters and branding developed for UHC document.
  • UHC Character Remodelling to introduce changes to the existing UHC character designs in collaboration with developing a front cover to the Moving Towards Better Health document.  
  • Integrated Service Delivery for UHC to develop resource that can help support work being done by the unit in the area of People Centred and Integrated Health Services.
  • The Health Information and Intelligence Platform (HIIP) scoping to provide a professional review of the existing HIIP and provide learnings, options and recommendations for how it could be improved.


The contractor will be expected to perform the following tasks:

  • UHC Graphic should: - Be A3 in size, - Include existing UHC characters, - Include the phrase ‘Better Together’, - Include handprint concept somewhere
  • UHC Module should: - Work on multiple devices, - Support multiple browsers and operating systems, - Be easy for users to navigate, - Include some basic images and illustrations, - Include the existing ‘What is UHC’ video, - Have the potential for including animation in the future
  • UHC Placemat Graphic should: - Be A3 in size, - Be monochrome in design, - Match the provided example in content and layout
  • UHC Front Cover should include: - Be A4 in size, - Include existing UHC characters
  • UHC Character Remodelling will be further specified.
  • ISD Resource should include: - An animation no longer than 3 minutes, - An infographic on a topic chosen by ISD
  • HIIP Scoping should include: - Review of current approach, - Identifying various options for making improvements, - Providing recommendations on which options would be best

Required profile of the contractor

  • Substantial experience in providing visual/audio/graphic support to the agencies in development aid business.
  • The applicants should include links and/or materials demonstrating their products, available in the public domain.
  • Please submit following documents to the Supply Officer (WPRO) at <>by 25 March 2016.
  • Please use Tender No. 43574 as subject to all submissions.
  • Expression of interest (cover letter) that includes a financial proposal
  • CV (for individual contractors) or Company Profile (for institutional applications)
  • Please note that the application may be closed before the indicated closing date if a sufficient number of applications are received
  • Only successful/shortlisted candidates will be contacted
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