Request for proposal for Provision of consultancy services on sexual and reproductive health and the push for universal health coverage in the Asia-Pacific region

United Nations Population Fund
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Monday, May 16, 2016
Sri Lanka

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  • UNFPA Asia and the Pacific Regional Office in Bangkok (UNFPA APRO) is calling for propsals from legal entitles for the provision of experienced team of consultants to collect information and conduct surveys on the coverage of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services in approximately 6 countries that have committed to reach universal health coverage (UHC) in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The team of consultants will identify, collect and compile information from countries in the region and will conduct in-country surveys and targeted interviews with key informants in about 6 countries in the region.
  • The selection of countries that will participate in the study has been determined in collaboration between UNFPA country offices, UNFPA APRO and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and includes the following countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand and Viet Nam.
  • The results of this efforts will produce an up-to-date and authoritative description of the coverage of SRH services in countries that have committed to reaching UHC, including what have been some of the of the key challenges and achievements that have shaped the countries’ journey as they strive to reach this worthy goal.

The expected deliverables consist of a synthesis report that summarizes the current evidence about the current patterns, modalities and trends of coverage of sexual and reproductive health services under existing and planned schemes of universal health coverage in countries in Asia Pacific, covering the following key topics:

  • Summary of published literature with key information from existing studies that have assessed the SRH services coverage under UHC schemes in Asia-Pacific specifically but also elsewhere where relevant;
  • Concise description of the analytical framework to be used to assess the coverage of SRH services under UHC schemes;
  • Summary of findings from the in-country data collection through surveys and key informant interviews in each of the 6 participant countries;
  • Results of analysis of key findings and policy implications for countries, including key coverage gaps, major challenges, successful strategies and recommendations;
  • Recommendations on significant gaps in the literature that need to be addressed;
  • Participation in virtual teleconferences with participant countries, including for instance: (i) at the beginning of the project, to introduce the study and review the proposed analytical framework; (ii) before the project finalization, to present main findings from the draft report and gather comments and feedback from focal points.
  • Technical annex describing the data collection instruments used for the in-country surveys (to be developed in collaboration with UNFPA and ADB).
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