Request for Proposal (RFP) for Creative communication agency for Communication strategy for children change and humanitarian response

United Nations Children's Fund
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Detailed Description


  • UNICEF is hiring a creative communication agency to help design and implement a strategy that connects the various impacts of climate change to concerns for children in a call for public action and support towards positive change in line with UNICEF’s specific objectives outlined below.


  • Contribute to raising knowledge, awareness and engagement among affluent individuals about the effects of climate change on children, such as the ongoing drought, lack of safe and clean water and sanitation and the saline water intrusion emergency and UNICEF’s action to save lives and address long term resilience of vulnerable populations
  • Demonstrate for decision makers and influencers the acute vulnerability of children to climate change and the importance of a child-focused approach to humanitarian and development interventions to reduce children’s vulnerability
  • Link the ongoing emergency to the broader climate change issue and the need to help today’s children and work for future generations to better cope with this burden.
  • Convey in a powerful way UNICEF’s role and improve the association of our brand with the attributes of trust and effectiveness that differentiate us from other child-focused organizations
  • Highlight the partnerships and support that UNICEF receives in order to fulfill its mission for children.


  • Strategy and planning: Develop and implement a communication strategy in order to meet the specific objectives and in line with UNICEF’s brand strategy to positively highlight UNICEF’s role and mandate for children.
  • Creative Conception and Execution: Design and execute creative visuals for relevant communication material in line with the strategy and to reach target audience (print, online digital, audio-video, etc)
  • Dissemination: Coordinate for the best possible, cost effective placement of material to reach target audience and ensure timeliness of placement
  • Public Relations: Organize and coordinate public events in line with the overall strategy, such as press gathering, film projection, social gathering, exhibition, etc.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitor and evaluate baseline and end of activities to collect data and evidence to measure impact and to assess results as per objectives.


  • The communication agency should start upon signature of the contract when the selection procedure is complete. 
  • The contract will be for a total duration of four (4) months.
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