Request for Proposal (RFP) for National Consultant to support identification of theme and technical background studies for National Human Development Report 2017

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Detailed Description

  • Submissions should be sent by email to: no later than: 12 May 2016 (Hanoi time).
  • With subject line: National Consultant to support identification of theme and technical background studies for National Human Development Report 2017
  • Submission received after that date or submission not in conformity with the requirements specified this document will not be considered.


  • Any individual employed by a company or institution who would like to submit an offer in response to this Procurement Notice must do so in their individual capacity, even if they expect their employers to sign a contract with UNDP.
  • Maximum size per email is 7 MB.
  • Any request for clarification must be sent in writing, or by standard electronic communication to the address or e-mail indicated above. Procurement Unit – UNDP Viet Nam will respond in writing or by standard electronic mail and will send written copies of the response, including an explanation of the query without identifying the source of inquiry, to all consultants.

Scope of work

  • Under the direct supervision of the National Project Director and Assistant Country Director of UNDP Viet Nam, in close cooperation with the technical teams of VASS and UNDP, the National Consultant provides technical services to facilitate consultations to define the NHDR 2017 themes/topics and related topics of the technical background papers (TBPs) for NHDR 2017 production process, formulation of NHDR 2017 outline, TORs and quality assurance of the technical background papers (TBP), and support for the peer reviewers and technical working group (TWG) for consultations.

Key tasks

  • Developing criteria for identifying possible themes of NHDR 2017 and related topics of TBPs. (1 day)
  • Facilitating and documenting internal UNDP consultations on the NHDR 2017 themes/topics and related TBP topics (1 days);
  • Proposing the list of non-UNDP stakeholders, which should include VASS, non-VASS national researchers, policy makers, UN agencies, Development Partners, NGOs, private sectors and others, for NHDR 2017 consultations and formats of consultations (1 days);
  • Conducting interviews, facilitating consultations with the proposed (and agreed) non-UNDP stakeholders to select the NHDR2017 theme/topic (3 days)
  • Providing a report summarizing the consultation results and an annotated list of 1-2 most commonly recommended themes (3 days);
  • Based on the VASS-UNDP selected theme, developing the detailed outline of NHDR2017 for consultation (2 days);
  • Conducting a literature review on the available researches on the identified/selected NHDR 2017 theme to define and recommend the related TBP topics – in the form of annotated list of TBPs (7 days);
  • Facilitating the consultations with relevant stakeholders including UNDP, VASS, TWG to reach consensus on the annotated list of TBP topics and NHDR 2017 detailed outline (2 days);
  • Drafting TORs for agreed technical background papers (TBPs) for consultation and finalise the TORs based on the comments received (5 days);
  • Sensitizing selected TBP teams in terms of NHDR 2017 theme, outline, purposes, research questions and expected results of TBPs, and especially to ensure the selected TBP Teams have the full understanding of the human development approach and its application in policy research and formulation (3 days).
  • Assignment reporting and other emerging tasks (2 days)

Qualification and experience requirements

  • At least a Masters Degree, but PhD is preferred, in development economics, social sciences and/or related field(s).
  • Sound knowledge and understandings of Human Development concepts and approaches as experiences in applying these to policy questions as well as on HDR/NHDR processes. Be familiar with UNDP/HDRO Corporate NHDR policy, NHDR principles and quality criteria.
  • At least 10 years of relevant working experiences in conducting policy research, participating in/organising/quality controlling policy research and debates and conducting policy advocacy; experiences in preparing HDRs/NHDRs are assets.
  • Sound skills and experiences in writing research papers/development reports/HDRs/NHDRs with proven ability in English editing and writing by provision of two (02) writing reports.
  • Good knowledge of the development/policy issues, especially the trends, issues and development implications related to inclusive and equitable growth and inequality, as these link to the human development concept and Human Development Report theme.
  • Good knowledge of context, and policy making systems/practices in Vietnam is an asset.
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