RFP for on Documentation of PRI-CBO Convergence Project

Last date: 
Thursday, November 28, 2019

Detailed Description


Kudumbashree NRO has projects running in various partner states based on best practices from Kerala under two domains of convergence between PRI-CBO and micro-enterprises. These projects are a result of combining experience with improved strategies to bring out community support systems, enable access to entitlements, local development and livelihood opportunities primarily focusing on micro-enterprises. The PRI-CBO Convergence project focuses on enabling the working together of PRI and CBO to strengthen access to entitlements and enhance community participation in local governance. The PRI-CBO Convergence approach is based on the premise that if institutions of the poor such as Community Based Organisations (CBO) and constitutionally mandated body like Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) collaborate with each other to work for the development of the village, they can significantly enhance the livelihood and social security of the vulnerable and poor. The PRI-CBO Convergence project builds capacities of PRI and SHG network to work together to strengthen the poor’s access to entitlements and enhance the public’s participation in local governance for improved service delivery.

Objective of the assignment

The objective of the assignment is to capture impact under PRI-CBO Convergence project in five partner states of North and North Eastern region of India. The impact will be assessed through documenting experiences of community cadre, community leaders, local leaders, SRLM, Mentors and professionals via story books and short films. The objective of this documentation is to also develop a knowledge material on working with local governance models in north eastern region of India. The developed material may further be used by NRLM and SRLMs to design state specific interventions for Convergence

Specifications of the items to be developed

The assignment will be carried out over a period of sixty days and will have its outputs in the following manner:

  • Ready to print story book on Mentors/Internal Mentors (25 cases) from Partner States
  • A information brochure on PRI-CBO Convergence project. 
  • A 15-20 minutes’ film on people's planning process of poverty reduction plan
  • Ready to print document on "Convergence between PRI and CBO in North Eastern region of India" an experiential study

Deliverables from the assignment

Following are the key deliverables that the Agency/Firm has to provide at the end of 60 days from signing of the agreement:

  • A ready to print story book on life stories of Mentors/ Internal Mentors on pendrive or hard disk and one presentable printed copy.
  • A ready to print two fold or three-fold information brochure on PRI-CBO Convergence Project on a pendrive or hard disk.
  • A high resolution 15-20 minutes’ film on people’s planning process of poverty reduction plan with subtitles (Hindi and English) on a pendrive or hard disk.
  • A ready to print experiential study on Convergence between PRI and CBO in North Eastern Region of India with one presentable printed copy and soft copy on a pendrive or hard disk.

Submission:Based on your expertise and experience we would like to invite prospective agencies/firms to submit technical and financial proposal in the prescribed format to carry out the assignment.


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