RFP for Evaluation of Schemes of Skill Development

Government of India
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Last date: 
Monday, November 18, 2019

Detailed Description


The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) was set up in November, 2014 to fulfill the vision of Skill India and will be responsible for coordination with all concerned for evolving an appropriate skill development framework. Accordingly, the National Policy on Skill Development and Entrepreneurship was notified on 15th July, 2015 superseding the policy of 2009 with the primary objective to meet the challenge of skilling at scale with speed, standard (quality) and sustainability. It aims to provide an umbrella framework to all skilling activities being carried out within the country, to align them to common standards and link skilling with demand centres.

Scope of Proposal

  • Incase an applicant firm possesses the requisite experience and capabilities required for undertaking the Consultancy, it may participate in the Selection Process either individually (the “Sole Firm”) or as lead member of a consortium of firms (the “Lead Member”) in response to this invitation. The term applicant (the “Applicant”) means the Sole Firm or the Lead Member, as the case may be. The manner in which the Proposal is required to be submitted, evaluated and accepted is explained in this RFP.
  • Applicants are advised that the selection of Consultant shall be on the basis of an evaluation by the Ministry through the Selection Process specified in this RFP. Applicants shall be deemed to have understood and agreed that no explanation or justification for any aspect of the Selection Process will be given and that the Ministry’s decisions are without any right ofappeal whatsoever.
  • Conditions of Eligibility of Applicants
  • Applicants must read carefully the minimum conditions of eligibility (the “Conditions of Eligibility”) provided herein. Proposals of only those Applicants who satisfy the Conditions of Eligibility will be considered for evaluation.

To be eligible for evaluation of its Proposal, the Applicant shall fulfill the following:

  • Technical Capacity: The Applicant should be a Private/ Public limited company or partnership firm or expert institution with operations in India. The Applicant should have, over the past 5 (five) years undertaken a minimum of 3 (three) Eligible General Assignments and 1 (one) Eligible Specific Assignments as specified in the document below. The Applicant (Bidder) should not have been blacklisted by the Central Government, any State Government, a Statutory Ministry, or a Public-Sector Undertaking, from participating in any consulting assignment.
  • Financial Capacity: The Applicant shall have received a minimum income of Rs. 50 (fifty) crores per annum from professional fees during each of the last 3 (three) financial years.
  • Conflict of Interest
  • An Applicant shall not have a conflict of interest that may affect the Selection Process or the Consultancy (the “Conflict of Interest”). Any Applicant found to have a Conflict of Interest shall be disqualified. In the event of disqualification, the Ministry shall forfeit and appropriate the Bid Security (clause 2.14) as mutually agreed genuine pre-estimated compensation and damages payable to the Ministry for, inter alia, the time, cost and effort of the Ministry including consideration of such Applicant’s Proposal, without prejudice to any other right or remedy that may be available to the Ministry here under or otherwise.

Preparation and Submission of Proposal


  • The Proposal with all accompanying documents (the “Documents”) and all communications in relation to or concerning the Selection Process shall be in English language and strictly on the forms and format provided in this RFP. No supporting document or printed literature shall be submitted with the Proposal unless specifically asked for and in case any of these Documents is in another language, it must be accompanied by an accurate translation of the relevant passages in English, in which case, for all purposes of interpretation of the Proposal, the translation in English shall prevail.


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