RFP-Hiring of Services of Third Party Organizations for Evaluation of Works done under Madhya Pradesh

Forest Department, Madhya Pradesh
Last date: 
Monday, May 10, 2021

Detailed Description

About the Organization:

Forest Department is primarily concerned with the conservation of the forests and the existing needs of the citizens by conserving forests along with its wildlife and their habitats; Providing environmental conservation services to the citizens and Safeguarding and upgrading of tourism values

About the Project:

Under CAMPA, large-scale activities have been taken up to accelerate preservation of natural forests, management of wildlife, infrastructure development in the sector and other allied works. As Madhya Pradesh State Forest Department is implementing CAMPA activities, there is now a felt need to technically evaluate these ongoing efforts, and based on the learnings, plan the way forward. Also, the CAF Rules 2018 stipulate that an evaluation protocol/ methodology of the works implemented has to be evolved and implemented to ensure effective and proper utilization of funds for which funds are also earmarked.

Role of Third Party:

The associated hired third party would be expected to evaluate CMPA works executed by State CAMPA. The specific roles of the third party are the following:

  • Collect data required from concerned Range Office, DCF, CF and CCF office, or any other forest department office as per requirement of evaluation format.
  • Visit all concerned forest areas as per RFP to physically verify and record CAMPA works in prescribed evaluation format. (As per Schedule-3) The sampling of CAMPA works will be 10% of each activity, the list of works/activities to be evaluated shall be provided by CEO (CAMPA).
  • Use suitable instruments like GPS, measuring tape, etc. to physically verify CAMPA works.
  • Visit concerned forest / revenue villages and conduct focus group discussions (FGDs) as per methodology prescribed in the evaluation format.
  • Interview concerned officials, like JFMC members, range officer, DCF, CF and CCF, or as per the needs of the project.
  • Prepare and submit monthly report (financial and performance)
  • Prepare a comprehensive report (As per Schedule-3) after analyzing the data, along with relevant photographs, for every forest division based on physical verification and FGDs so that meaningful inferences can be drawn about the quality and quantity of the executed works.
  • At least three photographs from different angles / views per site should be included in the draft report and also submitted in a Compact Disc (CD).
  • Incorporate and revise the report based on comments received on draft report.
  • Complete all activities in the assignment within the time period as per MoU.

Role of State CAMPA:

State CAMPA intends to play the following role in relation to the hiring of reputed and qualified third parties to monitor and evaluate CAMPA works:

  • State CAMPA will provide the necessary support to hired Bidder in terms of providing information, plantation journals, maps, measurement books, discussing prescriptions and all relevant records pertaining to the CAMPA works. The travel and field support of personnel will not be provided by State CAMPA.
  • State CAMPA will monitor the work of the bidders and suggest changes and mid-course corrections, if required.
  • State CAMPA may verify the data collected by the bidder. For this purpose, it may specify a particular methodology for data collection and locating sample points.

Pre-qualification of Third party:

Third parties applying under this RFP must fulfill the following Pre-qualification criteria:

The third party is registered under either of the following Acts:

  • Societies Registration Act, 1860, or respective State Act
  • Indian Trusts Act, 1882, or respective State Act
  • Companies Act, 2013
  • University incorporated under State or Central Act

Additionally, autonomous bodies under central or state government, and UN organizations, are also eligible to apply for this RFP.

  • The third party was registered at least three years before applying for this RFP. In case of less than three years but more than one-year-old organizations, a committee headed by CEO (CAMPA) is authorized to consider such applications provided the third party possess exceptional qualities.
  • The third party has minimum annual turnover of atleast Rs. 5 lakhs in each of the last three financial years.
  • The third party submits photo copies of first page of pass book of bank account held in name of the organization, and bank account statement of previous full month, i.e. 1st to 31st of previous month
  • The third party has audited its accounts for the last three years.
  • The third party is not blacklisted or placed under funding restriction by any ministry/ department of Government of India/State Government.


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