RFP invited for Impact Assessment Study of CSR projects executed by CEL

Central Electronics Limited (CEL)
Last date: 
Friday, August 30, 2019

Detailed Description

About the Organization

Central Electronics Limited is a Union Government owned engineering company based in India with its manufacturing unit located at Sahibabad, district Ghaziabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Central Electronics Limited is a pioneer in India in the areas of solar photovoltaics, ferrites and piezo ceramics.

About the Project/ Scope of work

CEL has undertaken several projects as part of the CSR initiatives of various PSUs. It is within the scope of the proposed assignment to undertake an evaluation of the following projects -

  • Setting up of 100kWp each on Grid Solar Power Plant at Alwar, Bandikul, Phulera and Dausa Stations; Rajasthan; Completed
  • Solar Home Lighting systems and solar Lanterns for the villages of Dhuburi District of Assam. Assam; Completed.
  • Solar Home Lightning System for the villages of Leh & Kargil Districts of Ladakh (J & K). Ladakh; Completed
  • Deployment of Solar Powered Street Lightning Systems for the villages Bhadohi District (UP); U.P; Completed
  • Solar Home Lightning Systems, Solar Street Lightning Systems & Solar Lanterns for the Gawripur Development Block village of Dhubari District of Assam; Assam; Completed
  • Deployment of 500 nos. of Solar Lights in Ghazipur District of Uttar Pradesh; U.P; Ongoing (Expected to complete shortly)

Methodology/ Activities

  • Desk Review and Design of Tools: Review of documents related to projects to be evaluated from CEL and its implementation partners. review of relevant Government documents
  • Pre-testing of Tools and field Work: The Project location shall be visited and both quantitative and qualitative data shall be collected.
  • Data Entry, Cleaning and Analysis: Quantitative and qualitative data shall be fed into software for statistical and qualitative analysis respectively; cleaned and analysis shall be drawn.
  • Report Writing: The report shall be written which will address the objectives of the study.

Objectives of the Project

  • To undertake an assessment of the project design in terms of its relevance and contribution to the development of the community and to the beneficiaries.
  • To calculate the cost effectiveness of the project objectives
  • To gauge the relevance and effectiveness of the project strategy and approaches for achievement of the project objectives.
  • To assess the performance of the project in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and timeliness of processing the expected outputs.
  • To ascertain the quality of timeliness of inputs, the reporting and monitoring system and to which extend these have been effective.
  • To determine the relevance of the project's management arrangements
  • To identify advantages, bottlenecks and lessons learnt with respect to management arrangement.
  • To analyse underline factors beyond CEL's control that effect the project achievement result.
  • To assess the signs of the impacts of the project activities on communities and beneficiaries (on environment where applicable)
  • To ascertain the sustainability of the project after its completion

Eligibility Criteria

  • The bidder may be Government Undertaking/ Registered Company/ Registered Consultancy Firm/ Registered Non-government Organization/ Academic Institution, specializing in conducting Impact Assessment.
  • The bidder must have a minimum of three years' experience of carrying out Impact Assessment/ Monitoring & Evaluation work in the domain of CSR/ Sustainability Services/ Community Development Projects financed by any Central Ministry/ World Bank/ NABARD and/ or other international donor institution (e.g., ADB, EU etc) or Central / State Public Sector Enterprise
  • Bidder must have cumulative turnover of Rs. 10 Lakhs in the last three financial years (FY 16-17, FY 17-18 & FY 18-19)
  • The bidder should have a qualified team of professionals having experience of having conducting impact assessment for a minimum of three projects
  • Should have valid PAN and GST registration number
  • Black listed Agencies by any State Government/ Govt. of India/ Corporate(s) or any funding/ partner AGency will not be entertained. They should not have any pending legal disputes.


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