RFP invited for Planting of Palm tree along the desilted lakes under CSR

NLC India Limited (NLCIL)
Last date: 
Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Detailed Description

About the Organization

NLC India Limited (NLCIL) is a Navratna, Government of India enterprise registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956, engaged in mining of lignite in Neyveli of Tamilnadu State & Barsingsar of Rajasthan State, India and in power generation. NLCIL is a Central Government Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) functioning under the administrative control of the Ministry of Coal.

Qualifying Requirement for the bidders

  • The bidder should have satisfactorily completed, any civil work in Government / quasi Government / PSU / PSE / Public Limited company for a minimum value of Rs 3 .17L a k h s inasingle agreement within the previous 5 years reckoned with original scheduled date of tender opening of Part-I bid. Whether documentary evidence enclosed.
  • The bidders should have independent Provident Fund code number allotted in favour of his establishment under EPF & Misc. provisions act 1952. The PF code number so allotted shall be furnished with the tender documents. The personnel/ workmen engaged by the bidder for execution of works in NLCIL shall be in the rolls of the bidder agency and shall have to be given appointment letter/ Employment card under CL (R & A) Act 1970 issued by the bidder to that effect. The bidder has to furbish a certificate of understanding to that effect along with tender documents.
  • The bidder shall also possess a valid certificate of registration under GST and the same should be furnished along with tender documents.
  • The bidder should have (obtained the/ holder of) the Permanent Account Number (PAN) under the income tax act and production of documents relating to same are mandatory. To ensure that the bidder is not a defaulter in payment of income tax as evidence by income tax assessment records for fours conservative years prior to bidding, it is mandatory for the bidder to provide the self attested printout of the online IT Statement indicating zero tax liabilities for four consecutive years prior to bidding along with the tender documents. NLCIL reserves the right to send the same to the income tax department for verification. (In this regard, the bidder can seek the help of the auditor n case of any doubt or otherwise)

Description of Work

  • Purchase and supply of palm trees seeds of good quality as directed by NLCIL officers. Quantity: 12000 Nos.
  • Earth work excavation for open shallow excavation/ for pavement etc. in Hard Gravelly soil. For levelling area (40 nos)
  • 3, Refilling trenches etc using the excavated earth in layers of 150 mm thickness including watering, ramming, consolidation etc. complete as directed by the Corporation Officers. The rate shall include all labour charges, watering and all other charges (40 nos)
  • Watering the palm tree seed saplings by taking water from respective lake/ Pond (or) from nearby water bodies and using contractors workmen for a initial period of one year as directed by NSLCIL officers (6000 nos)
  • Providing wooden pole of 2 meters height and shade nut tying the pole etc complete. The rate shall include all labour charges and cost of materials (6000 Nos)


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