RFP for a scoping study related to sexual violence againt women and girls in public spaces and development of a safe cities programme in Ho Chi Minh City

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Detailed Description

 The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) plans to procure a scoping study related to the prevention and response to sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence against women and girls in public spaces in Ho Chi Minh city, and provide technical assistance for the development of a Safe City and Safe Public Spaces Programme, in consultation with multi-stakeholders as described in this Request for Proposal and its related annexes.
 UN Women now invites sealed proposals from qualified proposers for providing the requirements as defined in these documents.

Personnel / Qualifications

 The firm/companies/research organizations shall suggest the composition of a research team of at least two consultants with a mixed expertise on social research particulary on sensitive issues such as sexual violence against women, and programme development through inclusive and particioatiry process. The team should fulfil the following rquirements:

Have a strong track record in:

 Social research, including large scale and substantive studies of sensitive issues in Viet Nam, such as research of sexual violence, violence against women and girls both offline and online.
 Evaluation of development programmes, involving use of qualitative and quantitative methods
 Work on programmes involving complex institutional environment such as, for example, UN agencies, governments, other national and international institutions, and civil society
 Writing reports and publications which have made a significant contribution to legislation, public policy, programmes or learning in the field of development practice and studies
 Delivering reports and publications on a tight schedule and in coordination with and input from multiple partners, stakeholders and collaborators
 Promoting use and dissemination of findings

Commitment to this assignment staff with expertise in:

 Qualitative research in gender equality, women’s empowerment and/or gender-based violence/violence against women, research methods including, for example, document reviews, in-depth interviews, focus groups, etc.
 Design of experimental, quasi-experimental and rigorous ex-ante and ex-post evaluation strategies
 Experience with participative evaluation techniques, such as ‘the most significant change’ evaluation approach, ‘making the case’ and other
 Managing the ethical issues that arise with research into sensitive gender-related topics and the use of experimental/quasi experimental research designs
Be able to demonstrate capacity for or competence in ensuring:
 Policies and procedures covering, for example, research codes of conduct, staff safety and data protection
 Financial management, including appropriate arrangements for budgeting, expenditure control and accounting
 Excellent language skills (oral and written) in English and Vietnamese
 Workforce management, including ability to mobilize and manage survey teams with capability to carry out data coding and data entry
 Technology, including IT for data handling, data analysis and disaster recovery

Have the following additional attributes:

 Political independence, reputational credibility and a commitment to gender equality
 Resilience, including ability to withstand staff turnover and other unforeseen developments
 Willingness to work within the UN Evaluation Group’s Norms and Standards

Roles and responsibilities of the parties

 UN Women will provide an overall guidance in conducting a Scoping Study including a selectin criteria for the study location and the study methodology during the development of an inception meeting, as well as during the Scoping Study, in accordance to guidelines developed by UN Women headquarter.
 Working closely with the international consultant, the national research institution will conduct the study.
 UN Women will be responsible to co-rganize the validation and joint interventin workshops with a host, while the consultants will be responsible for developing an agenda and facilitating the consultation together with the host organisation.

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