RFP-Selection of Agency to Conduct Skill Gap and Impact Assessment Study in Tripura

Directorate of Skill Development - Govt. of Tripura
Last date: 
Friday, May 14, 2021

Detailed Description

About the Organization:

Directorate of Skill Development is setup to coordinate all skill development efforts across the country. Industrial training, apprenticeship and other skill development responsibilities were transferred from the Ministry of Labour and Employment to this newly made ministry on 16 April 2015. They aim to remove the disconnect between demand and supply of skilled manpower, to build the new skills and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also for jobs that are to be created.

Scope of Work:

The scope of both the stt1dies shall include but not necessarily be limited to the following;

Identify developmental opportunities on the basis of Skill Gap availability and Sectors specific demand with respect to each block at the District level.
Identify specific developmental initiatives that have impact on employment generation taking into account the aspirations of the youth.
Identify the skill gap in the priority sectors or the opportunity sectors or the sectors where skill development training is being implemented at the State Level.
The study should cover the details about the available skill, the exact skill requirement and action/recommendation ns to address the skill gap.
Identify the sector wise current and future (next 5 years) skill and manpower requirements by industry, and the existing and projected skill gaps.
Asses the existing skill training infrastructure, both private and Government.
Suggest suitable, specific and actionable interventions or recommendations to address the skill gap
Responsibility of Directorate of Skill Development:

Overall monitor the implementation of the studies in the districts by the selected agency and ensure complete closure of the studies in each district within timeline.
Support the selected agency by providing detailed data base of the candidates, Training centers and other relevant details across the schemes which are being implemented in last three years.
Establish linkage with differed District Administration, Govt Departments, Sector Skill Councils, and Industries by providing necessary support.
Eligibility and qualification of the bidder:

a. Technical Capacity

The Applicant should be a Private/ Public limited company /partnership firm/expert institution/Proprietor hip firm/ Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firm with operations in India having experience as per requirement may apply for the project.
The Applicant should have should have at least 5 years of Social Research/Monitoring & Evaluation/Social sector consulting experience and over the past 3 (three) years undertaken a minimum of 5 (Five) Social Research/Monitoring & Evaluation in India.
The applicant should have proper registration with valid documents. Any firm with Event Management Registration shall be given preference.
The Applicant (Bidder) should not have been blacklisted by the Central Government, any State Government, a Statutory Ministry, or a Public-Sector Undertaking, from participating in any assignment.
The Company/Firm must be registered with appropriate authority on all applicable statutory duties/faxes.
b. Financial Capacity:

The Applicant shall have received a minimum average turnover of Rs. 3 Crores in last 3 consecutive (three) financial years and should have a positive Net Worth as on 31st march, 2020.
At least have managed Five (5) Social Research/Monitori11g & Evaluation/Social Sector consulting studies Central/State Govt/NGOs/Bilateral/Unilateral/Private organization.
Terms of Reference:

After selection of the suitable firm I firms, the amount of EMD shall be refunded to the unsuccessful Bidders. The EMD of the successful Bidder(s) shall be retained by the Authority till the completion of the assignment.
No cost variation/price escalation shall been entertained (not payable).
The selected bidder(s) shall be empanelled with DSD


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