RFP for Selection of a Consulting Firm for Preparation of State Skill Development Policy

Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM)
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Friday, November 8, 2019

Detailed Description


Assam Skill Development Mission herein after referred to as ASDM invites response to this Request for Proposal (RFP) document from the interested and eligible bidders for submission of their technical and commercial proposals for “Selection of a Consulting Firm for preparation of State Skill Development Policy in accordance with the conditions and manner prescribed in this RFP document through e-tender process at www.assamtenders.gov.in .

About the RFP Document

This RFP provides information regarding the Project, Scope of Work, Technical requirements and other related information to the bidder(s).

As should be clear from the Section 4 ‘Scope of Work’ of this RFP, ASDM expects more than a standard proposal in response to this Request for Proposal. In particular, ASDM seeks a specific proposal responsive to this RFP in every respect and detail, rather than a mere compilation of materials and promotional information used in other transactions.

Scope of Work


India is poised to experience a demographic dividend for the next 25 years, due to an increase in the proportion of young and working age group to the total population. Such a rise in the youth population is a window of opportunity as it reduces the ratio of dependents to total workers leading to higher rates of savings, investment and growth. This change in the age structure, if properly utilized, will result in demographic dividend, which provides immense growth opportunities to the nation. The provision of marketable skills among youth is still a challenge to reap opportunities of the demographic dividend. India, over the period of time, has become knowledge based economy with a large number of capable and educated people residing in the country.

Post Qualification and Award Criteria

The Best Evaluated Bidder according to QCBS evaluation will be considered first for award of contract by ASDM. The firm achieving the highest Total Score (SF) will be invited for award of work.

An affirmative determination will be a prerequisite for award of the Contract to the Bidder. A negative determination will result in rejection of the Bidder's bid, in that event, ASDM will proceed to the next Best Evaluated Bidder to make a similar determination of that Bidder's capabilities to perform satisfactorily.


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