RFP-Selection of LIP to setup Apex Skill Development Centre for imparting high-end skill training in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Sector

Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation
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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Detailed Description

About the Organization:

Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation was formed with a vision to transform the state into skill hub by skilling the youth to enhance their employability and match the expectations of the Industry. Since 2013 it is functioning as a Corporation under the Labour and Employment Department. TNSDC has been declared as the State Nodal Agency for Skill Development by the Government.


In line with the Tamil Nadu Vision 2023 and as part of the Tamil Nadu Investment Promotion Programme, the Government of Tamil Nadu intends to setup five “Apex Skill Development Centres (ASDC) for imparting high-end skill training”. The five sectors that have been identified include:

Auto, auto components and machine tools
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Transportation and logistics
Hospital and health care services
Construction and Infrastructure
As part of this program, the Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) intends to select a Lead Implementation Partner (LIP) in each of the five sectors listed above. This RFP pertains to the selection of an LIP for the ASDC in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Sector.

The overall plan, as part of this program is to encourage an LIP to setup an Apex Skill Development Centre (ASDC). The ASDC may also associate with national/ international partners (called Sector Partners – SPs) to setup an interrelated high technology, modular, skilling facility at the ASDC and offer demand driven courses.

The ASDC, to be designed by the LIP, is envisioned to be setup as a state of the art Centre of Excellence (CoE) in which the LIP brings in their best in class equipment/ tools/ machines/ simulators (commonly referred to as equipment) to be used for training purposes. The ASDC will be located in an existing ITI/ Industrial Estate/ any other appropriate space identified by the ASDC (in discussion with TNSDC).


  • The Client permits LIPs (individuals and firms, including Joint Ventures and their individual members) from all countries to offer services under this contract unless otherwise blacklisted/ debarred by the Government of Tamil Nadu or its undertaking.
  • Furthermore, it is the LIP’s responsibility to ensure that its experts, joint venture members, sector partners, agents (declared or not), sub-contractors, service providers, suppliers and/or their employees meet the eligibility requirements as established in this document.
  • Government-owned enterprises or institutions in India shall be eligible only if they can establish that they - are legally and financially autonomous, operate under commercial law, and that they are not dependent agencies of the Client. To establish eligibility, the government-owned enterprise or institution should provide all relevant documents (including its charter) sufficient to demonstrate that it is a legal entity separate from the government; it does not currently receive any substantial subsidies or budget support; it is not obligated to pass on its surplus to the government; it can acquire rights and liabilities, borrow funds, and can be liable for repayment of debts and be declared bankrupt; and it is not competing for a contract to be awarded by the government department or agency which, under the applicable laws or regulations, is its reporting or supervisory authority or has the ability to exercise influence or control over it.
  • Government officials and civil servants in India are not eligible to be included as Experts in the LIP’s Proposal unless such engagement does not conflict with any of the provisions of this engagement or employment or other laws, regulations, or policies of India.

Role of the LIP:

The role of this LIP shall include the following:

  • To design the ASDC and to develop a three year strategic rolling plan for the ASDC and be responsible for implementing the plan.
  • Overall administrative, quality and financial responsibilities including the management of the ASDC, marketing, branding, placement, costing of courses, management of hostels, course content, pedagogy, funding etc.
  • The LIP may engage with, invite and sign MoUs with SPs (such as equipment manufacturers, tool and device manufacturers that service the sector) and continuously engage with the SPs to ensure that the ASDC remains relevant at all times.
  • Identify and formulate training programmes to develop skills in futuristic/ disruptive technologies and associated skill sets that are lacking in the sector.
  • To develop courses, course content, course work, manuals, standard operating procedures and standards, get them approved by the Board, and disseminate the same with the overall intent of improving the skill sets of individuals associated with the sector. In developing these, the ASDC shall build on existing available literature and ensure compliance with existing standards (where available).
  • To facilitate placement of the trained candidates. The extent of placement of candidates in relevant jobs shall be a key assessment metric of the quality and relevance of the training provided.
  • To create a network among existing training facilities (both Publicly and Privately owned) and pool their resources so as to not replicate existing effort put in.
  • To impart high-end skills (and not generic skills) to unemployed individuals, and employed individuals (looking to up skill/ re-skill themselves).
  • To conduct train the trainer programmes.
  • To facilitate industry linkages for apprenticeship and on-the job training programmes. One off training at the ASDCis not the intended end result of this project.
  • To conduct need based/ on-request training programmes to cater to specialized requirements of corporate, and to generate revenues through these programmes.
  • To carry out assessment, certification and placement of trainees.
  • To make the ASDC self-supporting and provide production or services while it meets its primary objective of being a high technology skilling centre.

Pre-qualification criteria:

  • A Consortium of such entities mentioned in Pre-qualification criteria (2) comprising of one Lead Implementation Partner (LIP) to be nominated by the other members, shall be allowed and shall hereinafter be referred as "Consortium".
  • Lead Implementation Partner (LIP) and other members of the consortium should be an entity registered in India under the Companies Act/ LLP Act/ Societies Registration Act or as a Trust.
  • LIP should have been in existence for at least 5 years.
  • LIP or any of the members of the consortium should not have been blacklisted by any Government/ Department/ Body.
  • LIP should have an annual turn-over of at least Rs. 100 Crore in each of the past 3 years. In case the LIP does not meet the criteria, at least one of the members of the consortium should meet this criterion.
  • Initial equity contribution of the LIP for formation of the Apex Skill Development Centre as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) should be Rs. 1.00 crore.
  • EMD should be submitted along with RFP in the form of DD for Rs. 5,000/- in favour of The Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation, Guindy, Chennai – 32 and drawn on a Nationalized bank / Scheduled Bank payable at Chennai.
  • The bidding documents may be downloaded free of cost from the website http://www.tenders.tn.gov.in/ and www.tnskill.tn.gov.in.
  • The last date for submitting the bids is 27.02.2020 up to 03:00 PM


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