RFP for Setting up of Call Centre under the Rural Housing Scheme, Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Department, Government of Odisha

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Detailed Description

RFP title: RFP for Setting up of Call Centre under the Rural Housing Scheme, Panchayati Raj and Drinking Water Department, Government of Odisha

About the Rural Housing scheme:

Government of Odisha emphasis on the principle of 5Ts namely, Teamwork, Technology, Transparency, Transformation and Time. The Department of Panchayati Raj and Drinking water is implementing the Rural Housing Schemes with mechanisms that aims to ensure transparency in the process of scheme implementation through a robust online portal.


The main objective of the rural housing programmes in Odisha state is to provide shelter to every household below poverty line. This is particularly important in the context of Odisha especially considering the low levels of economic condition of the people and multi-hazard profile as well as high levels of vulnerability in the state. Socio-cultural barriers, landlessness, lack of construction knowledge and credit for housing are some of the major reasons which deprive rural poor of well-furnished houses. Lack of awareness on peoples’ rights that not only allows leakage of money from the government to the beneficiaries, but also allows touts who are self-declared helpers embedded in the society to provide wrong information and support the construction practices that benefit them. After considering the past history of failure of different models of implementing rural housing, the government of Odisha has made the implementation beneficiary-centric by transferring money electronically to the bank accounts of the recipients and encouraging that the design and technologies are the beneficiaries’ prerogatives.

Some of the key findings of the study are as follows:

Establish help desk for building materials – explore options for card system for material rather than giving the entire amount in cash which is prone to misuse and leakages.
There is a strong need for community mobilizers to make beneficiaries aware of their roles and responsibilities and about the PMAY-G and Biju Pucca Ghar. For many reasons the Village Level Workers (VLWs) have not been able to make the beneficiaries aware of these. There is a need for additional support at the grass roots level for a while to capacitate the VLWs.
Lack of guidance and technical and managerial support to the beneficiaries
Masons are the advisers to the beneficiaries. The masons advise to go for over-designed structures without providing correct information on the costs at different stages of the buildings

Need of the Project:

For one of the largest government-sponsored rural housing scheme, it is critical to ensure that the beneficiaries and other stakeholders have seamless and timely access to the required information and access of services to the targeted beneficiaries. The scheme will have its dedicated call Centre to address scheme related queries and will provide information to the beneficiaries regarding entitlement access of services, and grievance redressal, The Call Centre shall handle incoming and outgoing telephone calls from/ to the citizens.

The Call Centre will:

  • Address the information needs of citizens and beneficiaries and other stakeholders across the state
  • Register system-based escalation of complaints/grievances (based on timeframe for resolution/ nature of grievance/ automatic escalation based on escalation matrix) and record their closure/resolution in the portal.
  • Reach out to the citizens to monitor the progress of rural housing and follow up on the complains
  • The Call Centre solution will also have capabilities which shall enable the government to serve the citizens in efficient and effective ways.
  • The Call Centre solution shall have data analytics capabilities and use the latest technology interventions.

Objective of the Call Centre:

The objective of the Call Centre is detailed as given below:

  • Establish a mechanism to have effective feedback system from the beneficiaries
  • Support management of grievances associated with RH scheme as per defined protocols through registration, acknowledgement, resolution, escalation and feedback.
  • Provide prescriptive communication to the field functionaries
  • Provide information on Rural Housing scheme entitlement, benefits, enrollment, process for availing benefits,
  • Serve as a data hub for the Government for data analytics as an input for decision making

Who can apply

Proposals are invited from the institutions/organizations only. Proposal submitted by Individuals will not be accepted.

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