RFP for Social Impact Evaluation (SIE) & Need Assessment Survey (NAS) of surrounding villages Community of NTPC

NTPC Limited
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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Detailed Description

Background of Social Impact Evaluation (SIE) Study:

Social Impact Evaluation (SIE) would help to determine the extent to which the community has benefited from the CSR-CD activities implemented for them and whether CSR-CD activities have been able to bring desired changes in the educational/health/ sanitation, economic status of the communities, thereby providing an understanding of the effectiveness of the existing programs/activities. The survey, therefore, should help to understand following aspects of the Community:

Short term and long term social / cultural / economic impacts of the CSR-CD activities on the community;
Effectiveness of the existing programs/activities w.r.t. the needs of the Community and vis-à-vis previously captured status;
The contribution of CSR-CD activities in raising the living standard of people
Changing needs of the Community
Objective of SIE

Social Impact Evaluation (SIE) study is proposed to be undertaken after completion / ongoing Community Development projects in the fields of Education, Health, Sanitation, Infrastructure, Roads, Water, etc., in the neighbouring villages of NTPC, Simhadri. Such an evaluation will inter-alia determine the extent to which the Standards of Living of PAPs have improved or declined. A Standard of Living Index (SOLI) shall also bedeveloped by the Consultant for this purpose.

Broadly the objectives of SIE are as under:

  • To prepare a comprehensive profile of all the activities done by the station (Details of all the individual activities, village-wise, in all the broad areas like Education, Health, Sanitation, Infrastructure, Drinking Water, Vocational Training, quality of life, etc. are to be included as per the requirement / demand of community);
  • To determine the impact of various CSR-CD projects on the social / cultural / education / health / economic conditions, etc. of the people in communities;
  • To assess the changes in the quality of life among village communities through project interventions (Develop a Standard of Living Index Village-wise) ;
  • Methodology of Survey

Approach: - The approach would be participatory in nature. Study can be divided into two phases i.e., Conceptualization & Collection of Data

Conceptualization: In this phase an in-depth study of all related literature including past surveys, reports, studies, etc., as part of interventions made by NTPC, is required to be done. An action plan including Interview schedules would be submitted to NTPC during this phase.

Data Collection: The Questionnaire design and sample frame work for this purpose will be designed by the Consultant and get it approved with NTPC prior to putting it to use.

Collection of Data:

  • The data collected should be qualitative & quantitative in nature and the data collected for each Development Indicator shall be in accordance with National Level / State Level parameters defined in Census / Gazette / Other relevant Govt. Reports / Surveys / NAS / SIE conducted earlier, etc.
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