RFP-Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of 60 Watt LED Street Light work at Mata No Madh Village under CSR activities

Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.
Required Skill: 
Last date: 
Friday, May 21, 2021

Detailed Description

About the Organization:

Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited herein after referred to as GMDC, a Government of Gujarat Enterprise, is a pioneer institution in the field of mining for more than five decades, catering to the needs of the minerals and solid fuel for the industries based in Gujarat. GMDC’s mining activities are spread all over Gujarat. It is currently dealing in minerals like Lignite, Bauxite, Fluorspar, Ball Clay, Silica sand and Manganese. GMDC has also set up a 250 MW lignite based Thermal Power Station at Nani Chher in Kutch, Wind power plant of 200 MW at Maliya, Jodiya, Godsar, Bhanvad, Bada, Varvada, Rojmal and Solar Power plant of 5 MW at Panandhro Project.


The Bidders should have following minimum experience of having successfully completed similar works during last 7 (seven) years ending on last day of February 2021 (i.e. period from 01.02.2014 to 28.02.2021):

  • Three similar completed works each having amount of Rs. 3,28,100/- (Rupees Three Lacs Twenty Eight Thousand One Hundred Only) or more during last 7 (seven) years ending on last day of February, 2021 Or
  • Two similar completed works each having amount of Rs. 4, 10,125/- (Rupees Four Lacs Ten Thousand One Hundred Twenty Five Only) or more during last 7 (seven) years ending on last day of February, 2021 Or
  • One similar completed work having amount of Rs. 6,56,200/- (Rupees Six Lacs Fifty Six Thousand Two Hundred Only) or more during last 7 (seven) years of continuous on last day of February, 2021
  • Similar works means the Bidders should have experience in Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing LED Streetlight work and carried out under the LOI/Work Order/Agreement.

Bidder shall submit the details of work completed to Clause No.1 of Chapter no. IV as per FORM C- 1 and FORM C-2 as provided in the Tender Document.

Completion of Work:

  • Upon the Successful Bidder fulfilling the entirety of its obligations under the Contract to the satisfaction of GMDC GVT and subject to terms and conditions of the Contract, it shall become eligible to apply for a Completion Certificate. The General Manger (Mata No Madh) of GMDC shall formally issue the Completion Certificate, after verifying from the completion documents and satisfying himself that the Works under the Contract have been completed in accordance with all the provisions of this Contract. The Successful Bidder, after obtaining the Completion Certificate shall become eligible to present the final bill for the Works executed by it under the Contract.
  • Upon completion of Works under the Contract and before the application for the Completion Certificate, the Successful bidder shall clear the project of GMDC GVT of all rubbish, dirt, structures, scrap, oily rags etc. Failure to clear the project may constrain GMDC GVT to clear the said site at of the risk and cost the Successful Bidder.
  • The Successful Bidder shall provide GMDC GVT with any and all documents/records/proofs that may be demanded before issuance of Completion Certificate.

Period of contract: The period of the contract will be 2 months from the date of acceptance of LOI and defect liability period will be 1 Year after completion of work and 2 years warranty period of 60 watt LED light fitting.

Estimated Contract Value: Approximately Rs. 8, 20, 250/- (Rupees Eight Lacs Twenty Thousand Two Hundred Fifty) excluding GST.

EMD: Rs. 25,000 /- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) payable by Demand Draft/Pay Order drawn in favor of “GMDC Gramya Vikas Trust” payable at Ahmedabad issued by banks approved by Govt. of Gujarat (except Co-Operative bank).

Tender Processing Fee: Rs. 1500/- plus GST @ 18% aggregating to Rs. 1770/- (Rupees One Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy only) payable by Demand Draft/ Pay Order drawn in favor of “GMDC Gramya Vikas Trust” payable at Ahmedabad.


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