Scale Accelerator Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence

Spring Impact

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

Are you an NGO in the EU or UK working to prevent childhood sexual violence? Do you have a programme, intervention or service that has been successfully evaluated and could have an even greater impact? If, yes then apply for Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence.

Made possible thanks to the support of Oak Foundation, Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence seeks to reduce the number of children across the EU and UK that experience sexual abuse and exploitation each year.

The programme provides fully-funded consultancy support to ambitious NGOs at the forefront of this issue who want to scale up their impact and take their vital work to more people, in more places.

It will equip you with the guidance, tools, and knowledge to build and implement sustainable strategies for scaling your solution, rapidly test these new approaches, and identify the best way of driving change at a national and systemic level.

Programme Routes

  • Organisations will be considered for two fully-funded programme routes as a part of the same application. The Spring Impact team will work out which one is the best fit for you.
  • Expert Consultancy: Up to 3 years of fully-funded, tailored consultancy for a select group of NGOs with a proven programme, intervention or service that has high potential for success at scale. The scaling consultants will provide hands-on technical assistance to help you achieve long-term, sustainable and widespread impact.
  • Leaders of Scale: An online, 6-month intensive training programme for a cohort of like-minded NGOs, coaching two members of your leadership team in the skills, knowledge, and frameworks needed to lead your organisation’s journey to scale.

Programme Details

Support to Participate

  • To ensure NGOs are not excluded from participating due to a lack of funds, limited staff capacity or other resource barriers, organisations selected for Expert Consultancy will be able to request resources and support to aid their engagement in the programme.

Consulting team

  • The team is composed of specialised scaling consultants, with expertise in multiple forms of replication, including scaling with government, working in partnership with other NGOs addressing a common goal, facilitating community adoption, and other scaling pathways.

Time commitment

  • The time commitment across the duration of the programme will differ depending on the programme route, and can look quite different from organisation to organisation – depending on your organisation’s needs.
  • Expert Consultancy: The consultancy will last up to 3 years, depending on your organisation’s needs. It will commence in January 2024.
  • Time commitment: At least 1 day a month for 3 – 4 members of your organisation’s leadership team.
  • Leaders of Scale: The online training programme will be delivered over 6 months and commence in January 2024.
  • Time commitment: At least 1.5 days a month for 2 key staff members.


  • The programme will be supported by an expert Advisory Board. These individuals will play an integral role offering guidance, support and challenge based on their expertise to optimise the success of NGOs taking part. The board will also share learnings with the broader sector, to support and improve how childhood sexual violence is addressed at scale.
  • The long-term benefits of Scale Accelerator
  • Scale Accelerator is the flagship programme, which has already enabled over 60 high potential organisations to significantly expand their reach and impact over the years.
  • The programme is based on the unique scaling methodology and consultancy approach which has supported over 300 organisations across the world to scale up. After working with Spring Impact, organisations reported they have:
  • Accessed funding to pursue their scale journey after the programme, including unlocking new funding opportunities
  • Expanded their solution to several new locations, geographical areas or communities
  • Identified high quality partners to work with to address a problem at scale
  • Found ways to reach more people sustainably

What you’ll leave with?

By the end of the programme, you and your team will:

  • Know how to implement your solution elsewhere in a financially sustainable way – whether through scaling with government, partnering with aligned organisations, or another form of replication
  • Work out how to create the biggest difference for your beneficiaries or cause, and identify what parts of your solution could make the most impact in new locations
  • Find the right balance between reaching more people and maintaining high quality delivery
  • Have the support, space, and mindsets needed to think critically about your impact in the long-term, and make sure you’re asking the right questions

Who it’s for?

  • The programme is aimed at NGOs and mission-driven organisations in the EU and UK focussed on preventing childhood sexual violence, striving towards a society where children are safe from harm and able to thrive.
  • They use the term childhood sexual violence to encompass many forms of sexual violence against children up to the age of 18, including incest, peer-to-peer abuse, technology-facilitated abuse online (grooming and illicit images), sexual exploitation, and rape.
  • They consider prevention as any programme, service or intervention that is working to stop or lessen the likelihood of childhood sexual violence from occurring. This could include upstream prevention activities, such as parental education or challenging gender norms.
  • Examples include, but are not limited to: school-based education programmes, interventions challenging gender norms and stereotypes, community mobilisation activities to change attitudes and behaviours, parent training, safe online environments for children, preventing peer victimisation, empowerment & self-defence training, etc.

Essential Criteria

  • To take part, organisations will need to meet the following criteria:
  • Programme, intervention or service must have been running for at least 2 years and there is strong ambition in the organisation for it to reach more people.
  • Programme, intervention or service must demonstrate clear evidence of impact and have been proven to work in the EU and/or UK contexts.
  • Organisation has strong leadership capabilities and capacity to engage meaningfully in consultancy support.
  • Organisation has robust safeguarding policies and processes in place.