Seed Fund to Women led CBOs and Local Initiatives


Relevent Country: Jordan

Within the framework of the program, the seed funds to women led CBOs aim at reaching out to women and girls while strengthening the CBOs and initiatives working at local and grassroots levels to widen the discussion on issues related to the WPSA, combating VAWG, and promoting women’s participation.
The CBOs will be expected to expand and diversify their involvement on grassroots level to improve the coordination and dialogue among individuals, other CBOs and local authorities and influence public opinion towards women’s rights, participation and protection.
The Strengthening the role of feminist CSOs working in the implementing of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda (WPSA) program aims at contributing to the effective implementation of the WPSA in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine through empowering feminist civil society organisations (CSOs) and women-led Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to play a leading role in implementing the WPSA, combating Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) comprehensively and enhancing women’s participation at local, national and regional levels.

Funding Information
  • The annual budget for each seed fund can range between a minimum of EUR 5,000 and a maximum of EUR 25,000 (or equivalent in local currency) depending on the size and experience of the CBO/local initiative and scope of their action.
The program will have three calls for proposal, one at the 6th month of the program and two at the beginning of year two and three of the program as follows:
  • The first year: 1st September 2023 – 29th February 2024.
  • The second year: 1st March 2024 – 28th February 2025.
  • The third year: 1st March 2025 – 28th February 2026.
Eligibility Criteria
The beneficiaries of the seed funding will be registered women-led CBOs that have potential and intend to organize on the long run. The following criteria should be ensured to be able to apply:
  • To be an officially registered grassroot CBO/local initiative in Lebanon.
  • Clear governance and decision-making structure.
  • To be led by women with a majority representation of women in its governance and decision-making structure.
  • Manifest commitment to women’s rights.
  • Active involvement in the WPSA and combating VAWG at local level.
  • Clear goals and vision towards social change, inclusive of women’s rights and gender equality.
  • Have a good level of experience in project management.
  • Ability to implement activities that are relevant to achieve results, consistency and feasibility of their actions.
  • The quality of a technical and financial proposal, which will outline the justification for the seed fund, how it will be used and dispersed, what impact their actions are expected to have on the community, and a sustainability plan.
  • Capacity to reach out and engage local community.
  • Potential for development and replication of proposed actions.
  • Interest and willingness to participate actively in the sharing of experiences and capitalisation process of the program.
  • Women led CBOs focusing on and/or made of the following groups, as well as those that work with and take into account their needs, interests and rights in their actions, are strongly encouraged and will be given special consideration: young women, women who are structurally marginalised/excluded because of their origin, status (e.g. refugee, migrant), disability, gender identity, social, economic or cultural background.