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Sunday, August 20, 2017

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Invitation for Expression of Interest from Technical agencies for empaneling as the services provider in the domain of Research & Evaluations.


Plan India, a member of Plan International Federation, is a nationally registered independent child development organization committed to creating a lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, their families and communities. For over 35 years, Plan India and its partners have improved the lives of millions of children by providing them access to protection, basic education, proper healthcare, a healthy environment, livelihood opportunities and participation in decisions which affect their lives.

Plan India has launched the Country Strategic Plan IV for the period 2016 – 2020.  Plan India works with a defined Research & Evaluation agenda. Plan India aims to assess every grant and programme periodically with scientific methods by external parties to understand the impact of the programme at the field level without any biases.

Plan India is inviting expression of interest from agencies in the domain of research & evaluation for empanelment as roster members to take up different assignments in the domain with quality and cost based selection.

2.   Scope of work for Empaneled Agencies:
The technical agencies submitting the expression of interest to be empaneled as a roster member is expected to carry out the following tasks:
Technical agency will have to carry out sectoral reviews in the following thematic areas: 
Adolescent and Maternal Health
Child Survival and Optimal Development
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Quality and Holistic Education
Employability and Economic Empowerment
Child Protection
Disaster Risk Reduction
Meta-Analysis : The agency/ institution could be expected to carry conduct large scale surveys, under Plan India’s Research and Evaluation Framework, which includes baseline, midline and end line studies of various grant initiatives and the Country Strategy. The technical agency will also have to juxtapose learnings and findings with primary data findings and derive rational inferences and interpretations.
Documentation :  The agency / Institution/ Individual should have an experience in doing the documentation, copy editing and small interim analysis as required.
Empanelment refers, that the agency / Institution is been selected as a member of the roster who have the technical capacity and interest/ willingness to take the task; from whom the cost for a particular assignment can be requested. From the agencies the quotation has been collected, based on the merits in technical and financial proposal the assignment will be granted. Depending on the nature of the assignment, it is envisioned that the technical agency will be asked to develop the technical proposal in coordination with Plan India.

The selected Institution / agency will be the roster member for two years. Within the two years the agency will be assessed on half yearly basis. Plan India reserves the right to remove the agency as a roster member with no notice. Plan India is not mandated to give the assignment to the agency during the empanelment duration. In case if the agency wants to withdraw from the list can do with written communication but not before closing of any current assignment if carrying at that point.

3.   Documents to be submitted
The interested agencies/ Institutions are requested to submit the following documents as part of the EOI:
Technical agencies should demonstrate their previous experience of carrying out previous research and impact studies in India. Agencies/ Institutions  should able to produce letter of satisfaction for the organizations for whom the services have been provided with copies of documents & letter of completion from customers for projects completed shall be enclosed in the EoI.
The agency should submit the pool of qualified and experienced professionals which include the following:
team leadership
thematic experts and specialists in carrying out quantitative and qualitative studies
data analysis specialists
Experience of developing ICT based data collection methodologies.
The company should provide copies of their registration, Permanent Account No. (PAN), Tan identification Number (TIN) Service Tax no. and VAT no. etc. wherever applicable.
The agencies should enclose copies of clearances from various Govt. Departments wherever applicable.
Plan reserves its right not to accept offers from agencies resorting to unethical practices or on whom investigation/enquiry proceedings have been initiated.

4.    General Terms and Conditions 
This document has been prepared on the basis of information that is presently available with Plan India.
While this document has been prepared in good faith, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is or will be made, and no responsibility or liability will be accepted by Plan India or any of their employees or consultants appointed by Plan India as to or in relation to the accuracy or completeness of this document and any liability thereof is hereby expressly disclaimed.
Interested parties may carry out their own study/ analysis/ investigation as required on their own cost before submitting the EoI.
The technical/ implementation solution/ functional requirements information provided in this notice for Expression of Interest is only indicative in all respects.
This document does not constitute an offer or solicitation of an offer, nor does this document or anything contained herein, shall form a basis of any contract or commitment whatsoever.
This EoI document does not purport to contain all the information each Bidder may require.
This EoI document may not be appropriate for all persons, Certain Bidders may have a better knowledge of the proposed Project than others. Each Bidder should conduct its own study and analysis and should check the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the information in this EoI document and obtain independent advice from appropriate sources.
Plan India may terminate the EoI process at any time and without assigning any reason.
Plan India reserves the right to reject the EOI/offer from any or all the firms, without assigning any reasons, whatsoever.
Plan India reserves the right to cancel partially/ entire process of empanelment without any notice at any point of time.
No agency/ Institution will be awarded with more than one assignment at a time.
Performance of the agency will be reviewed periodically and those agencies whose performance is not up the mark and those agencies who are not regular in participation in the Plan India process may be taken off from the empaneled list. 
5. Selection criteria:
The final empanelment of agencies/ Institutions will be done by a Committee constituted for the purpose.
The committee will evaluate proposals of eligible agencies based on the experience of carrying out previous assignments for Plan India and other international organizations.
Additional details on the selection criteria is provided in Annexure 1. 
Notes: The agency/Institution applied for the same as to adhere to the standards and principles stated in the annexure below
Annexure : Annexure 1: Selection of Agency – Process
Annexure 2: Data Quality Assurance
Annexure 3: Accountability
How to Apply: Interested agencies are requested to submit detailed covering note given below along with attachments states at latest by Wednesday, 20th August 2017 (close of business).

Plan India reserves the right to accept or reject any bid without assigning any reasons whatsoever

Kindly see the attachment for more details.

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