Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation seeking Applications to strengthen Social Cohesion and Balance

Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation
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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Detailed Description

The Sophie and Karl Binding Foundation is seeking applications to promote public utility and whose aim is to encourage and strengthen social cohesion and balance in Switzerland.

In addition, the foundation provides a contribution to the maintenance and development of the main natural, cultural and spiritual assets and values that contribute to the identity of Switzerland.

The Binding Foundation acts on a national level in the Environment, Social Works and Culture sections. His support is concentrated in the operational sectors of landscape protection, youth integration, cohesion and cultural heritage. In the areas of dance, classical / contemporary music, the Binding Foundation supports professional companies and ensembles.

The Binding Foundation makes contributions based on requests for support or engages itself in its own projects and cooperations.

Incentive Areas


In the Environment section we have defined a key point in the Landscape Protection operating sector. They support individual projects in the Bosco incentive sector.

  • Protection of the landscape: They help to preserve or restore precious living spaces and biodiversity as well as landscapes of inestimable value from a natural and cultural perspective; they also support measures to tackle urban sprawl in Switzerland.

Key points

  • Territorial planning and containment of urban sprawl: They support projects that contribute to efficient land use. In this sector they provide a contribution to the intermediation of good practices and applied research with a link to practice.
  • Maintenance and restoration of natural and cultural landscapes; They are committed to projects aimed at maintaining and restoring natural and cultural landscapes as well as encouraging biodiversity.
  • Among other things, they support the measures used to connect living spaces such as hedges, dry stone walls, enhancement of areas at the edge of the forest or marshes and ponds.

Social Works

In the Social Works section, they focus on the Youth Integration and Cohesion operating sectors. They support individual projects in the area of incentives Prevention of addictions and violence.

Youth integration: The Foundation makes a contribution to contain youth unemployment and to integrate people with a migrant background into the education, training and job market from a young age.

Cohesion: The Binding Foundation aims to strengthen social cohesion by promoting the coexistence of people and generations regardless of their origin and linguistic knowledge. In particular, it focuses on the exchange between the linguistic regions in Switzerland.

Key points

Youth integration

  • Integration of young people into the working reality: They are committed to socially disadvantaged young people (poverty, migration background, disability, etc.), to allow them to successfully integrate into professional life, intervening at the time of transition from compulsory school to apprenticeship and following the exercise of a job.
  • School children: They support extra-curricular offers of assistance and incentives for disadvantaged children with the prospect of improving their school performance and their social skills.
  • Early incentive: They make a contribution to language learning in Swiss national languages for children from disadvantaged families.


  • Social cohesion: The Binding Foundation supports initiatives that strengthen social cohesion. Examples include projects that promote fair debate, exchange across socio-cultural borders or projects that support successful social integration.
  • Exchange between linguistic regions: In particular, we support the exchange between the linguistic regions of Switzerland as a contribution to raising awareness – especially of the younger generations – about the importance and richness of cultural, linguistic and social diversity present in Switzerland.


In the Culture section they have defined a key point in the Cultural Heritage operating sector. They support individual projects in the classical and contemporary music operating sector.

In Dance, the Foundation focuses its promotional work with the Binding First Dance cooperation program, trying to facilitate the transition of new graduates from professional dance training to working life on stage.

Cultural Heritage: The Binding Foundation has set itself the goal – to guarantee and develop cultural values and heritage – to contribute both to their spiritual, intellectual, artistic and literary dimension as well as to the maintenance and encouragement of cultural identity in Switzerland in its multiplicity.

Key points

  • Architectural monuments: They are committed to the maintenance and conservation of buildings, as a rule protected, from historical-cultural value (both external and internal architecture) as well as for the restoration of sculptures and paintings of local value.
  • Mobile cultural goods: They provide a contribution for the archiving and study of important writings, books, textiles etc., shown in publicly accessible collections.
  • Guarantee and study of collections in museums: They assist exhibition spaces as well as public and private institutions in the storage and study of precious objects with historical and cultural value, as well as in the purchase of important legacies of an artistic and literary nature.


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