Strengthening Communities of Lived Experience to End Childhood Sexual Violence

Ignite Philanthropy

Relevent Country: Burundi

In partnership with Oak Foundation, Ignite Philanthropy: Inspiring the End to Violence Against Girls and Boys is launching the Thrive Together grant making and capacity strengthening program.

This program aims to bolster the organizing efforts and existing and emerging grassroots organizations led by people with lived experience and their closest allies. Ignite is fiscally sponsored by New Venture Fund.

Thrive Together is a program designed to combat CSV by empowering persons with lived experience of CSV and their allies to address the underlying factors that perpetuate this type of violence. To tackle this issue, Thrive Together seeks to invest in organizations, strengthening their collective and individual capacities, expanding their connections to the broader movement working to end sexual violence against children (SVAC), and removing any obstacles that impede their impact.

How do they plan to do it?

  • The program offers flexible 10 one-year grants of up to $20,000 in support with the possibility of a no-cost extension to up to 2 years if necessary. Organizations that support work that centers lived experience can utilize the funds as they see fit, if their initiatives align with the program’s overarching principles, which include:
  • Showing an informed understanding of needs of people affected by CSV in their local context
  • Utilizing the funds to effectively strengthen their collective/organizational efforts in tackling CSV.
  • Willingness to share their insights and learnings with others in the field, in ways that align with their purpose and vision for which Ignite team will provide opportunities and facilitate connections.
  • Centering safety and care of staff/volunteers and everyone involved in their work

What do they fund?

  • The grants can be used flexibly for anything that an organization needs for their organizing and to strengthen their capacities, it can be training, psychological care, equipment, salaries, travel etc. In addition to money to fund organizational needs, the supported organizations will have the opportunity to learn, improve their organizational capacity, and share and connect with other organizations in the CSV field globally.

Where do they fund?

  • Although they realize that these issues are affecting communities throughout the world, The Thrive Together (in its first edition) would like to address disparities of funding available by opening this program to select regions where there are scarce funding opportunities of this kind.
  • They specifically focus on regions where certain socio-economic and political contexts disproportionately affect children who have experienced violence, providing limited opportunities for them to overcome trauma and thrive. As a result, the program is open to organizations in the following regions: Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The program welcomes applications from both registered organizations and non-registered organizations. Non-registered grant recipients will be funded through a registered partner organization. During the selection process, more details and forms will be shared with the finalists.
  • You are encouraged to apply if your organization meets the following criteria:
  • You are actively engaged in preventing or combating childhood sexual violence and addressing its structural drivers, considering the specific context and needs of affected communities.
  • You are a self-organized non-registered organization consisting of at least three people or a civil society organization that collectively makes decisions. Please mind that as a non-registered organization, you can be funded through registered partners only.
  • You are a non-registered group or civil society organization that has been created, co-created, led, or co-led by individuals with lived experience of CSV.
  • You are not currently receiving core support from the Oak Foundation nor have access to large core support funds, whether directly or through an intermediary funder.
  • You are a grassroots organization that lacks access to significant multilateral, foreign aid, or private funding.