Sylvan Lake inviting Applications for Recreation, Culture & Tourism Grants Program

Sylvan Lake
Last date: 
Friday, October 2, 2020

Detailed Description

The Sylvan Lake is inviting applications for the Recreation, Culture & Tourism Grants Program for festivals, events, sporting events and programs.

These projects should address community needs, drive tourism, and provide an economic spin-off for the community through visitor spending.

If a request falls within one of the categories below, it will not be considered:

  • Operating expenses
  • Debt funding
  • Duplicated services
  • Equipment (player’s equipment, jerseys, team uniforms, etc.)
  • Endowments, annual funding drives/events
  • Research, development and studies
  • Grants primarily benefitting individuals (such as scholarships)
  • Any expenses incurred prior to the Town’s decision date
  • To organizations that provide services or programs that are primarily the responsibility of another level of Government
  • To organizations with a religious or political mandate, or for events that promote self-interest, i.e.: membership drives, political events, rallies in support of a cause, religious events, trade unions and/or professional organizations
  • Fundraising activities or salaries


  • Event must take place in the Town of Sylvan Lake
  • Create a vibrant and diverse Recreation, Culture & Tourism Community
  • Create partnership within the community
  • Increase economic impact in the community
  • Increase activity during shoulder seasons (September – May)

Eligibility Criteria

Funding may be approved for organizations or groups providing programs, services, or events within municipal boundaries that:

  • Address a community need
  • Contribute to the positive image of Sylvan Lake; and/or
  • Enhance the quality of life for residents of Sylvan Lake
  • Promote tourism and increase visitation numbers to support local businesses


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