Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance via Community-based Responsive Dialogues


Relevent Country: India

ICARS provides a unique value proposition – a funded partnership, collaborating with low- and middle-income countries to co-develop evidence-based, context specific, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to mitigate AMR, advancing each country’s individual National Action Plan.

About the Proposal

The purpose of this RFP is to support a single project (either through a single organisation or a partnership between 2 organisations) to develop guidelines for facilitating Responsive Dialogues in a variety of LMIC settings. These will be used to shape national and local interventions to tackle AMR and will feed into projects that ICARS is developing with countries.

AMR is a complex, inter-sectoral challenge which requires policies and practices that are informed not only by scientific evidence, but by a deep understanding of local contextual issues driving AMR. Public engagement creates a better contextual understanding to help policy and decision making and amplifies the voice of communities most affected by AMR. It can help augment research and generate solutions that are grounded on local realities.

Wellcome developed an approach, Responsive Dialogues, which leads to public engagement in addressing AMR through:

Engaging communities in meaningful ways and raising their awareness and understanding of AMR, while catalysing change in attitudes and behaviours.

  • Involving public voices, experiences and understanding of AMR in policy processes.
  • Raising policy makers understanding and awareness of public perceptions and the drivers behind AMR.
  • Informing and adding to the evidence base of public feelings, attitudes and behaviours towards AMR.

The approach was developed into a ‘toolkit’ which has been piloted in Thailand and Malawi and has been used to generate solutions that are grounded in local realities and embrace ideas and views from the public.


 The project supported via this RFP must achieve the below objectives:

  • Develop guidelines for facilitating Responsive Dialogues in a variety of LMIC settings.
  • Provide a training module(s) on Responsive Dialogues and the key features for facilitating the dialogues.

Eligibility and Funding

Proposals may be submitted by a single organisation or a partnership of two organisations. All organisations must be based in an LMIC without exception. In the case of a partnership, one proposal should be submitted by one organisation on behalf of all partners (lead organisation).

Source: https://icars-global.org/responsive-dialogues-rfp/