The Lipman-Miliband Trust Grant Program

The Lipman-Miliband Trust

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

The Lipman-Miliband Trust grant program is now open for applications.

Funding Information

The Lipman-Miliband Trust will not make award(s) totalling more than £2000 to any individual or organisation within 24 months of the date of the first award.

What do they fund?

Socialist research and education can take many forms and cover many areas of activity so this list is not exhaustive or prescriptive. Convince them that your application fits their aims and they will be interested.

Publications: They have funded all sorts of print and digital publications including books and podcasts, magazines and zines.

Websites: They have supported groups building, rebuilding or expanding their websites, and making them more easily accessible.

Film and video: They have supported campaigning groups and NGOs seeking to reach a wider audience through films or wanting to work with communities in making their own videos.

Conferences: They have supported conferences that have aimed to generate new ideas or engage with new audiences. They want them to be open and politically dynamic. They will sometimes fund travel expenses to enable people to attend.

Educational events: they have supported a number of organisations putting on workshops and facilitating seminars.

Research projects: they are looking for projects that bring new ideas or reinvigorate long-standing socialist discussions. They like to see research that is participative and has a good strategy for dissemination. University-based projects should show how they engage with those beyond the institution’s walls.

Archives: they need to preserve working class and socialist histories that are so often ignored. They are looking for those projects that aim at engaging with the widest audiences, perhaps via a website, and that inspire for the future as well as preserving the past.

Art installations: they have funded street art and exhibitions where artists want to get a political message across and reach a wide audience.

Theatre productions: they have funded a number of theatre productions: small and large, local and national. They like to support productions that actively engage with their audiences and they are keen to see spin-offs like podcasts or education packs.

What are they looking for?

  • They are interested in applications that demonstrate clear engagement with their proposed audiences and that promote active outcomes.
  • They would like your project’s audiences to be as large and as diverse as possible but they know that depends on your project.
  • They fund small scale projects where audiences might necessarily be small but they want you to show them that you have worked at reaching out and engaging. We like big projects as well, of course.
  • They are looking for diversity in their applicants and in their projects. You may be an individual, a member of a small group or part of a larger organisation. You may be just getting going or well established. You may work in a university or for an NGO; you may be a volunteer or work freelance.
  • They are looking for the innovative. It can be hard to fund a new idea but they’re interested in yours. They will take a risk if you are taking one.
  • They will fund small parts of bigger projects. They are happy to add an extra dimension that would not otherwise get done.
  • Finally, they are looking for things that can have a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and their communities.