Thriving Families Grants

Columbia Basin Trust

Relevent Country: Canada

The Columbia Basin Trust is pleased to announce the Thriving Families Grants to support projects that build meaningful connections and create more livable communities for children, youth and families.

Thriving Families Grants ensures that children, youth and families have access to support and opportunities to connect with each other and their communities.

Funding Information 

  • Up to 80 per cent of total project costs can be requested from the Trust. There is no maximum amount for project grant requests; however, they anticipate that many successful grants will be in the range of $10,000 – $100,000.
  • The application should clearly demonstrate that at least 20 per cent of total project costs will be funded from sources other than the Trust.
  • Thriving Families Grants are limited to a 36-month maximum timeframe.

Eligible Projects 

  • Eligible projects are those that pilot new initiatives to make their communities more livable for children, youth and their families, including but not limited to projects that:
  • create support networks, activities and events for children, youth and families to engage with each other and participate in their communities;
  • enhance life skills, workforce readiness, confidence and independence of young people aged 18-24 transitioning to adulthood;
  • address and/or prevent experiences of isolation or trauma, including but not limited to mental health challenges, substance use or violence;
  • support children, youth and their families with diverse abilities to feel included in and valued by their communities; and
  • offer programs and activities that are culturally appropriate, inclusive and build intercultural and intergenerational connections.
  • Projects broadly benefitting families, children and youth of all ages will be considered; however, of particular interest are projects that address gaps in current supports, including but not limited to:
  • Children in their early years (aged 0-5)
  • Children in their middle years (aged 6-12)
  • Young adults (aged 18-24)
  • Families with the above demographics.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible applicants include registered non-profits, local governments and First Nations in the Columbia Basin Trust region.
  • Applicants operating outside the Basin must demonstrate partnership with community-based organizations operating within the region and must show that the project benefits the Basin.