Transdisciplinary Research and Production Grants

Pro Helvetia

Relevent Country: Switzerland

Type of work: Research and Survey

Pro Helvetia is offering artists and cultural practitioners an opportunity to respond to current social transformations, even beyond disciplinary funding, to actively shape the associated developments and to engage with disciplines outside the arts in their artistic practice.

practitioners who have Swiss citizenship or permanent residence in Switzerland and who are present on the Swiss art and cultural scene. This support will enable them to work on a new project at the interface of artistic and non-artistic disciplines (such as biology, medicine, technology, sociology, anthropology, etc.). Both established artists and cultural practitioners as well as young talents are eligible to submit a project.

Funding Information

Project contributions towards research or production are granted up to a maximum amount of CHF 25,000. The contribution can cover all the costs necessary for conducting the specified research or production. The amount granted by Pro Helvetia may not exceed 50% of the overall budget.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Arts and culture practitioners who are Swiss or who are permanently resident in Switzerland. Projects submitted must involve active collaboration by three or more persons from various disciplines (of which at least one must be outside the arts). Further conditions are independent and proven professional practice with transregional recognition and completed professional education. Arts and culture practitioners who apply must be working in a discipline promoted by Pro Helvetia.
  • To be eligible for funding, projects must
  • have a clear connection to Switzerland
  • be of nationwide importance
  • be adequately co-funded by other public or private sponsors (including publishers/event organisers)