Transdisciplinary Research on Patient Value in Cancer Research

King Baudouin Foundation

Relevent Country: Belgium

Type of work: Research and Survey

The King Baudouin Foundation is seeking applications for its Transdisciplinary Research to develop the concept of the patient value and stimulate actors in cancer research to put it central in their research efforts.

The aim of the call is to put together a transdisciplinary team that will work on optimizing patient value in cancer research. The transdisciplinary research team will use a combination of reflection-oriented and action-oriented work.

The Fund ‘Cancer research for more patient value’, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, aims to fund and facilitate the transdisciplinary team for a period of two years.


The KBF aims to contribute to the orientation of cancer research towards patient value. The following enabling conditions are put forward:

  • developing a patient value stewardship program in which actors in the cancer research system take responsibility and ownership of putting patient value in the focus of their research endeavours in a collective spirit, through collaboration, co-creation and learning together;
  • cultivating a research-driven mindset in cancer care settings that are viewed as integral part of the cancer research system
  • interacting continuously with patients/patients representatives and ensuring their involvement throughout the entire project.

Funding Information

Amount: € 1,000,000

Who are they looking for?

  • Persons (researchers, health professionals, patients, etc.) having strong affinity with hands-on transdisciplinary research and a willingness to be engaged in networking, communication and the organization of events.
  • Persons who are open-minded, curious and with good spirit to work in a transdisciplinary research setting. This also includes the maturity and willingness to work in multi-stakeholder environments, including with patients. The combination of reflection- and action-oriented research appeals to the candidate who is willing to grow into the role of embedded researcher.
  • Persons with a research background, including nursing, health economics, social sciences (participatory action-oriented research), psychology, medicine, etc. The KBF welcomes applications from persons with BSc, MSc, MD, PhD degrees.
  • Persons working in a Belgian academic institute, university hospital or research centre. The applicant must have the formal support of the head of the department and/or employer.
  • The transdisciplinary research on patient value in cancer research must be the major project for the applicant in terms of time and attention.
  • Ideally, the applicant has experience in collaborative research and has a connection with cancer, either as patient, friend, family member, social worker, etc.

Who is it for?

  • The transdisciplinary team welcomes dedicated researchers who want to create real value for people with cancer, are looking for the combination of thinking and doing, want to work far (far) beyond the boundaries of disciplines, dare to embrace complexity, like to collaborate with various organisations and patients, prefer orienteering to taking the motorway. Persons with a research background, including nursing, health economics, social sciences (participatory action-oriented research), psychology, medicine, etc., are welcome.