Tree Planting Grant Scheme

Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

The Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park is excited to announce the Tree Planting Grant Scheme to enhance the tree cover within the National Park by funding planting of individual trees or small areas of woodland not eligible for other funding to deliver the first National Park Partnership Plan outcome of improving and enhancing our natural capital.

What they fund?

  • The grant offers financial assistance (up to £3,000) to plant individual trees or small areas of woodland that might not usually be eligible for other funding.

Priority Outcomes

The grant scheme will support planting of trees that deliver the following priority outcomes for biodiversity, climate and landscape:

  • Enhancement of riparian and loch shore habitats, usually within 10m of a water course.
  • Enhancement of Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes,.
  • Enhancement of Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas,.
  • Enhancement of the public realm and delivery of public amenity benefits, such as locations adjacent to core paths, public roads and in areas of green space used by the public.
  • Enhancement of tree integration into agricultural systems (Agroforestry).
  • Replacement of individual trees where they are threatened by Ash dieback (Chalara) 7) Other proposals that bring biodiversity, climate or landscape benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

The scheme will fund:

  • Planting of native tree species and appropriate non-native tree species used for landscape purposes, which would deliver the scheme’s objectives. If you have any species queries, please contact their Trees & Woodland Adviser.
  • Any required protection i.e., tubes, stakes or fencing.
  • Associated labour costs will not be funded separately as they are incorporated through the use of standard costs for tree planting.


The scheme will not fund:

  • Hedge planting;
  • Felling. The scheme does not pay for felling. If any removal of trees is proposed to enable outcome 6 (Ash dieback) the grant application must be approved prior to any felling being undertake. Any felling would have to be exempt under the requirement for felling permission from Scottish Forestry.
  • Planting in existing woodland, unless it is a proposal for planting following removal of invasive rhododendron. In such cases, the grant application must be discussed and agreed in principle with the Park Authority prior to any rhododendron removal being undertaken.
  • Or any planting required as a result of:
  • Tree works permissions or tree replacement notice;
  • Felling license or other forestry requirements;