Trust House Foundation Grant Program

Trust House Foundation

Relevent Country: New Zealand

The Trust House Foundation is currently accepting applications for its Grant Program.

Every year, they provide more than $4 million in community gaming proceeds to fund community events and organisations through grants.


Organisations will be considered more favourably if they provide the following:

  • Community support, including the development and wellbeing of the young and aged.
  • Cultural activities and recreation, including the performance and development of music, the arts, history and sport.
  • Welfare and social services for the prevention and/or rehabilitation of addiction.


Grant applications will be assessed having regard to the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be non-profit organisations.
  • Sporting grants can only be made for amateur sports.
  • Sports clubs should be affiliated to a recognised national organisation.
  • Applications must be submitted by sports clubs, not individuals.
  • Administration costs and salaries may be funded if this helps to meet a recognised need within the community.
  • All uniforms and equipment must remain the property of the recipient organisation. Funding of dress uniforms / socks is not permitted.
  • Events or trips that are predominantly social in nature will not be funded. This includes family or group reunions.
  • Grants for social activities to benefit disadvantaged groups may however, be considered, e.g., a Christmas luncheon for the elderly at the town community centre.
  • Grant applications cannot be for an item that has already been paid for; the application must be future focused.
  • Grants for public education, kindergartens and the like will be considered.
  • Cultural purposes must be non-commercial and benefit the community. Examples include amateur theatre groups, non-profit museums and art galleries, amateur cultural groups, and non-profit community cultural or arts festivals.