University Cooperation Grant


Relevent Country: Denmark

Type of work: Research and Survey

NordForsk is pleased to announce a University Cooperation Grant to strengthen international competitiveness and facilitate the development of excellent Nordic research environments.

The call is initiated to support research-based university cooperation across the Nordic region, to increase researcher mobility, enhance capacity and competence building and thereby the excellence and significance of Nordic research cooperation.


  • The call is open to all themes and disciplines.
  • Nordic added value
  • Nordic research collaboration can create outcomes and impact of greater value than what could be achieved through national activities alone. Applicants should elaborate on how the proposed university cooperation will contribute to Nordic added value by enhancing Nordic strengths, enhancing scientific excellence and Nordic competitiveness in international research, and/or addressing needs or problems that are of special relevance to the Nordic countries. Means to achieve such effects could for example be building critical mass and/or expertise, cost-efficiency by sharing resources and infrastructure, researcher mobility and networking, competence and capacity building in the Nordic region. Nordic added value can also be about building on unique Nordic phenomena (e.g., geographical, climatic, cultural, linguistic or social), data or collections.

Funding Information

  • NOK 300 million (NOK 100 million from NordForsk and NOK 200 million provided by the institutions)
  • Maximum amount: MNOK 20 (MNOK 4 annually)
  • Duration: 5 years, 01.01.2024 – 31.12.2028

Funded Activities

Activities that can be funded:

  • mobility and networking activities
  • guest researchers
  • PhD students and post-docs
  • workshops, seminars and conferences
  • research training (e.g. intensive courses, field courses, summer schools and joint courses);
  • communication and dissemination activities
  • other activities that promote the cooperational framework and are necessary for implementation of the collaboration
  • Consortium partners from outside the Nordic region must fund their own participation; however, expenses related to mobility may also be covered for international partners.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for funding, the following conditions must be met:

  • The contractual partner for a University Cooperation Grant must be a Nordic university, university college or university of applied sciences.
  • The consortium must include universities, universities of applied sciences or university colleges located in at least three Nordic countries/ autonomous regions (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland Islands).
  • The cooperation partners are obligated to contribute twice the amount sought from NordForsk. The contribution must be guaranteed through a letter of commitment signed by the rector or a dean with the authority to assume obligations on behalf of the university, university of applied sciences or university college.
  • The Project Leader of the university cooperation must be a qualified researcher employed by the host institution during the grant period.
  • The grant application and all attachments are to be submitted in English via the NordForsk Call and Application Portal.