Urban Tree Challenge Fund

Government of UK
Last date: 
Sunday, July 25, 2021
United Kingdom

Detailed Description

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) is part of the Government’s Nature for Climate Fund, supporting the planting of 44,000 large ‘standard’ trees over a two-year period: 2021/22 to 2022/23.

The UTCF is open to anyone who wants to plant trees in urban or peri-urban areas, as long as you have full management control or consent to use the land for the duration of your agreement and your planting location is within an urban area.

The UTCF is a competitive fund and your application will be scored and ranked to identify projects that will provide the greatest environmental and social benefits to an area. Value for money may also be considered, with additional points being awarded where applications demonstrate this (for example, by containing a higher number of trees relative to competing applications).

Funding Information

  • The guideline for block bids is a minimum UTCF funding requirement of £250,000. Individual applications are for smaller, focused areas of planting undertaken by small organisations or community groups. These individual applications will need a minimum UTCF funding requirement of £10,000 up to a maximum of £30,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone can apply for the Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF), if you either have full management control over the land or signed consent from those with management control over the land for the duration of the Agreement. Agents are also able to apply on behalf of an organisation or landowner. Any individual or organisation can submit up to 2 distinct applications to the UTCF. Multiple applications from the same applicant will be ranked and scored independently from one another.
  • Where the applicant does not have full management control over the land in the application (for example, the applicant is a tenant, trustee, joint owner or representative of a group of adjoining owners), they will require written permission from all parties with management control over the land before an agreement can be issued. This should come in the form of countersignatures on the application form.
  • Land submitted in an UTCF application does not need to be registered on the Rural Land Register and applicants do not need to have Single Business Identifier (SBI). However, if you do have an SBI, it must be provided on the application form.


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