Vinnova launches CFPs for Innovation Projects in the Health Field that Dampen the Prevalence & Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Last date: 
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Detailed Description

Vinnova is currently accepting applications for the Innovation projects in the health field that dampen the prevalence and effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

The call aims to provide extra support for research and innovation that can contribute to dampening the spread of the pandemic and the effects of covid-19 in the health field.

The funded projects will help to increase knowledge and find innovative ways of working against the covid-19 pandemic and also help build a preparedness for the future pandemic outbreak. The results and effects that the funded projects generate are expected were possible to implement and utilize during the current pandemic or prepare for upcoming pandemics.

Funding Information

  • Within the call, a maximum of SEK 1 million can be applied for for a feasibility study project and a maximum of 5 million is applied for an innovation project.
  • The project period for feasibility studies can be a maximum of 6 months and for innovation projects between 6 and 18 months.
  • The total budget for the announcement is approximately SEK 30 million (Subject to Parliament’s decision) approval of the government’s proposal in the spring amending budget for 2020.).

Eligibility Criteria

  • With this call, Vinnova is targeting initiatives that through collaboration will mobilize for rapid innovation for ongoing pandemics and better preparedness for future pandemics. Support is provided only for innovation projects and feasibility studies such as through research and innovation addresses the new challenges seen today in connection with the covid-19 pandemic and future pandemics.
  • The project consortium shall consist of at least two project parties, one of which represents either health care or business. Other project partners can represent business, research organizations (universities, colleges, research institutes), health and healthcare, the public sector and civil society. One of these parties should be the main applicant (Coordinator). The parties must have prepared the project proposal jointly.
  • International parties are welcome to participate in the proposed project, but cannot be project coordinator. Organizations registered outside Sweden must have a branch or an establishment in Sweden to receive grants.
  • If needed, suitable research and innovation infrastructures (eg SciLifeLab, Max IV, TESTA Center, Clinical Studies Sweden) is used to deliver skills and networks.


Vinnova will only evaluate applications that meet the following formal requirements:

  • The project consortium consists of at least two project partners, one of them represents either business or health care.
  • The coordinator is a Swedish organization.
  • The project partners are legal persons.
  • Companies applying for grants must be registered as a limited company.
  • The application is written in Swedish or English.
  • The project description for feasibility studies and innovation projects may not exceed a maximum to 5 and 8 single-column A4 pages in portrait format, with 12 dots black text in font Times New Roman
  • The application does not contain any attachments other than the mandatory annexes.
  • The project description for innovation projects contains an implementation plan.


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