Volunteer Grants

City of Canning

Relevent Country: Australia

The City of Canning is inviting applications for the Volunteer Grants to support not-for-profit organisations and clubs to access funding towards the training and development of volunteers.

Examples include courses such as first aid, treasurer skills, coaching courses or training which will help your organisation become effective at attracting, training and retaining volunteers.

Funding Information

Maximum Grant Available: $500

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must reside, be located and/or operate in the City of Canning. Not for profit organisations, excluding sporting clubs, which have offices outside Canning but deliver services to Canning residents may apply. Activities must take place within the City of Canning boundaries. The following are eligible for the outlined grant levels:

Grants up to $500

  • Individuals1 and non-incorporated groups.
  • Not-for Profit organisations.
  • Government and Not-for-Profit kindergartens, primary and secondary schools2.

Grants greater than $500

  • Incorporated Not-for-Profit organisations.
  • Government and Not-for-Profit kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Individuals must:

  • Demonstrate support from a Canning based not-for-profit organisation e.g. letter of support towards the proposal.
  • Ensure the activity does not lead to any private business benefits.
  • Gift any equipment to the supporting not-for-profit organisation following the completion of the activity.

Primary and Secondary Schools must:

  • Be able to demonstrate the wider community benefit in proposals. Activities are to be held outside of school hours or where activities are held during school hours, the wider community must be able to attend and benefit. Equipment solely for the use of students and teachers is not eligible as this is best funded by other Government Departments.
  • Eligible applicants may apply once to each grant category per financial year
  • One application to each grant category per activity will be accepted. E.g. Two organisations are unable to apply separately for the same activity

Source: https://www.canning.wa.gov.au/our-community/community-initiatives/community-grants-program/volunteer-grants