Water Justice and Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources Governance

Hivos People Unlimited

Relevent Country: Tunisia

The Hivos People Unlimited is inviting proposals from potential partners actively engaged in the realms of water justice, equitable water access, advocacy concerning the legal frameworks governing water resources, as well as the mobilization and advocacy efforts aimed at empowering vulnerable communities.
They are also interested in initiatives related to addressing the vulnerability of water resources in the face of climate change impacts and any other relevant topics pertaining to water.
Partners selected in this process are expected to provide support to local communities lacking access to water and facing the effects of climate change in the most vulnerable regions in Tunisia. They are highly encouraged also to work with movements and informal groups actively engaged in advocacy, mobilizing local and national stakeholders, and facilitating interactive and inclusive platforms for advocating the right to water. The ultimate goal is to influence policies and legal frameworks, ensuring just and equitable access to water that takes into consideration climate justice principles.

Hivos is seeking for interested and eligible applicants to apply to the following grant:
  • Climate grant: national movements, coalitions, established organizations, etc.
  • This grant will support an individual or group of organizations that will create a program in any combination with the program’s pillars related to water justice. If applying as a coalition: The coalition must consist of at least three organizations, and one organization must apply as the lead organization.
  • The lead organization should also be able to demonstrate – in assessments if shortlisted – institutional capability to manage sub-granting to the other organizations in the coalition.
  • This intervention/project must include an element of policy and/or budget influencing and can operate at either subnational or national level.
  • The Voices for Just Climate program (VCA) is working on three pillars:
  • Mutual capacity strengthening for co-creating locally shaped climate solutions;
  • Agenda setting and movement in climate action through amplified storytelling;
  • Joint lobbying and advocacy provide an enabling environment for civic space.
Funding Information
  • Available budget per grant: € 15000 to 25000.
  • Duration of the projects: Between 6 and 9 months.
  • Hivos encourages applications from coalitions of local civil society actors and single organizations (including formal and informal CSOs, grassroots organizations, local climate action champions etc), and classic and/or alternative media organizations. Coalitions should bridge divides (national-local, urban-rural, gender, youth), to amplify the voices for just climate action especially in relation to the following outcomes with the specific focus on water justice:
  • Strengthened and inclusive civic space, equipped and empowered to advocate for water justice, influence decision-making
  • Establish comprehensive knowledge systems that prioritize water justice, ensuring decision-makers are better informed through the amplification of narratives that represent vulnerable groups in shaping the water-related agenda
  • Develop a joint strategic roadmap for lobbying and advocating for water justice policies and financial allocations.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Locally registered Tunisian non-profit organizations
  • Coalitions, networks, consortiums, and alliances with at least one locally registered Tunisian non-profit organization with sufficient operational and financial management experience
  • Mainstream and alternative media registered as CSOs
  • Applicant with a clean human rights record
  • The applicant should have a track record of experience in developing and advocating for water justice, the right to access clean water, and advocating for changes in legal frameworks related to water
  • Applicant with ability to link to and mobilize larger networks or with the capacity to access, mobilize, convene, and influence power holders
  • It will be considered favourable if the coalitions/organizations:
  • Have prior experience carrying out activities in priority areas related to water resources governance, advocacy, civil society mobilization, etc.
  • Includes actors not traditionally working in water and climate justice issues, but that have skills and tools which are relevant and/or scalable.
  • Reflects a diverse perspective and intersectionality approach which will enhance participation and strengthen the wider climate justice movement and advocacy.
  • Led by or who work with women groups, youth, persons with disabilities, or other marginalized groups.
  • Willing to collaborate with other actors to influence stronger impacts and to build capacity over time and jointly develop and implement a capacity strengthening plan.
  • International organizations Evaluation Criteria Generally, applications will be assessed based on eligibility or threshold criteria (minimum standards must be met), the quality of the proposal and the quality of the applicant organization or lead party of the coalition.