Women Peace and Humanitarian Fund

UN Women

Relevent Country: Uganda

UN Women has launched a call for proposals to provide grants to local civil society organizations in Uganda focused on conflict prevention and protection of women and girls in conflict and humanitarian contexts with local women and young women’s rights organizations.

Types of Funding

  • Institutional Funding: Stream 1 (USD $2,500 – $30,000)
  • Aims to reinforce the institutional capacity of women’s rights/led organizations working on gender specific issues in peace and security and humanitarian contexts, to ensure they are able to sustain themselves and to improve their impact.
  • Programmatic Funding: Stream 2 (USD $30,000 – $200,000)
  • This funding stream will finance projects which aim specifically to fund programmatic activities aligned with the following impact area(s):
  • WPHF Impact area 2: Increased meaningful participation and decision-making of women in conflict prevention processes and response;
  • WPHF Impact area 5: Enhanced safety, security and mental health of women and girls’ and their human rights respected.


  • CSOs can apply for a maximum of 2 years.


  • The WPHF will fund qualifying projects in any location in Uganda.

Eligibility Criteria

  • National, regional or local/grassroots women or young women led, women’s rights, youth rights, feminist, or civil society organizations with a proven track record working with women, young women and girls, are eligible to apply.
  • Women’s Rights or Feminist Organization: The organization’s official mission/vision statement must reflect its commitment to addressing multiple/intersecting forms of discrimination and advancing gender equality and women’s rights. The organization must aim to address the underlying drivers/systems/structures, including patriarchy and gendered power dynamics, and work to transform these.
  • Women-Led Organization: must be headed by a woman as director/head of organization. Youth Focused Organization: To be considered “youth focused”, the organization’s core mission/vision must focus on supporting the social, economic and political participation of young women and young men and addressing multiple/intersecting forms of discrimination against young women and men. WPHF will provide specific attention to youth focused organizations supporting young women, advancing gender equality and peacebuilding.
  • Young Women Led Organization: must be headed by a young person aged between 18-29 years old who serves as director/head of organization
  • The WPHF accepts proposals for ongoing projects funded by other donors. However, the specific value added of the contribution should be clearly outlined.
  • Joint projects with other local women’s rights, youth focused organizations, women or young women led civil society organizations are encouraged. For joint projects, only the lead organization is required to meet the eligibility criteria.

Ineligibility Criteria

  • The following are not eligible to apply for a grant from the WPHF:
  • International non-governmental organizations;
  • Government agencies or institutions;
  • UN agencies or UN Country Teams;
  • Private individuals;
  • Private sector entities;
  • Universities, Think Tanks or Education or Research Institutions.

Source: https://africa.unwomen.org/en/programme-implementation/2023/09/women-peace-and-humanitarian-fund-call-for-proposals-uganda