Young Carers Activity Fund

Sheffield Young Carers

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

The Sheffield Young Carers (SYC) has announced the applications for Young Carers Activity Fund to give young carers aged under 18 a break from their caring role and to give them choice about how they take this break.

Funding Information

  • They also accept applications for up to £300 for activities for groups of young carers, as well as individual applications.


  • They will consider any application which will give an eligible young carer a break from caring.

Examples include:

  • Costs of activities to have a break e.g. swimming, gym membership, a spa/pamper day
  • Transport to get to an activity
  • Courses for leisure or personal development (e.g. driving lessons, art or music classes)
  • Equipment that will help you take a break (e.g. a laptop/tablet, a Netflix or magazine subscription, a trampoline for the garden)
  • The young carer and cared-for person going away together, for example to a bed and breakfast or a caravan. In a case like this though, the application MUST show how the young carer will get a break from caring
  • The cared-for person going into respite while the young carer takes a break at home or goes on holiday
  • Care workers going into the cared-for person’s home to enable the young carer to go out or go on holiday
  • A relative travelling to Sheffield to care for the cared-for person while the young carer takes a break
  • Please note: Applications must make it clear how the cared-for person and the young carer will be safe and well looked after whilst the breaks are taking place.

Eligibility Criteria

You can be considered for a grant if:

  • You live in Sheffield
  • You are aged under 18
  • You are identified as a young carer either by:
  • Having a Young Carers Assessment (copy must be attached) OR
  • Being a member of Sheffield Young Carers (SYC) in the past
  • Please note: They do not give grants to current SYC members or those on the waiting list as they are getting or will be getting a break through the SYC service
  • You have not received this grant for the last two years
  • You will use the funding within the next six months (activities cannot be funded after they have happened).