Young Scientist India 9th Edition

Space Kidz India

Relevent Country: India

Type of work: Research and Survey

The 9th edition of the Young Scientist India 22-23 registration is now open!

Young Scientist India (YSI) is the Flagship event of Space Kidz India. YSI is one of the most prestigious science challenges in India. It is a platform for high school students to showcase their innovative ideas and to encourage them to explore their creativity.

YSI is an innovation challenge to promote science awareness among high school students’, to increase their understanding of science, and to attract them into scientific careers and explore, as there is a big vacuum in the enrolment of young scientists in the research centers.


  • The YSI Challenge awards over half a million rupees in prizes to the best innovation for the budding innovator/entrepreneurs in five categories that holistically represent the solution types necessary to build an economy that works for all in the digital era.
  • Over the years the challenge format was split into 5 categories, Agriculture, App development, Electronics, Robotics, and Space Sciences.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Class / Grade: 8th – 12th. Students from all over India are eligible to participate.
  • Private and Government school Students are registered and evaluated separately.


  • Sending of Abstracts by students under the faculties of Electronics, App development, Space Science and Robotics.
  • 1st round of validation takes place and results will be announced by 18th January 2023.
  • Selected students will then present their models before a jury online during the 1st week of February 2023.
  • There will be another set of filtration and selection during the same, and around 25 students from government category and 25 from private category will be chosen.
  • Chosen 50 students will have to come to Chennai for the Grand Finale during the month April / May.
  • 3 Different problem statements will be given to each of the categories Private and Government and students will select their statements and come up with solutions.
  • Students will present their solutions along with a small business plan and present it before an eminent jury panel and the best 3 from each category will win the “Seed Fund” for initiating their innovation.