Administrative Assistant

International Civil Aviation Organization, Montreal, Canada

Skill Required:, HR and Admin
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
17th January, 2021

Job Description

This consultancy is to be filled for a period of six (6) months, with a possibility of extension. The daily rate (Band A) will be CAD $130.


  • The Staff Employment and Administration Section (SEA) is one of three Human Resources sections within the Administration and Services Bureau in ICAO. SEA is responsible for administration of contracts (staff and non-staff personnel), contract management, administration of benefits and entitlements, management of pension and other social security entitlements, oversight of the Medical Clinic and staff accreditation matters
  • The Medical Clinic of ICAO provides provides basic health services to all internationally and nationally recruited staff members and their recognized dependents, Members of Delegations and their respective family members and to staff of other UN entities based in Montreal. The Clinic is under the oversight of the Staff Employment and Administration Section (SEA).

Function 1 (Incl. Expected Results)

Runs the front desk of the medical clinic, receiving and responding to queries organizing appointments for medical examinations, transmitting documents and information to relevant individuals and offices, achieving results such as

  •  Receive staff make and confirm appointments, respond to telephone inquiries, filter urgent cases or messages for priority attention
  •  Make appointments and inform clients as well as relevant offices of time and procedures needed
  •  Assist in the checking in and checking out of patients and ensure that they have relevant Medicare coverage etc.
  •  Receive and record medical reports ensuring that all documents either filed or ready for doctor’s attention.
  •  Assist with typing letters to hospitals for admissions, making appointments with doctors for referral cases and in medical evacuations.

Function 2 (Incl. Expected Results)

Maintains the medical database and generate statistical reports for management decision achieving results such as:

  •  Data entry on appointments, time taken, types of services used, sick leave reports issued, received and cleared
  •  Generate and maintain statistical reports on a monthly basis on usage of the medical clinic and as an when required
  •  Maintain Statistics and provide monthly and yearly reports on service delivery, i.e. number of visits, requests for services from other local UN Organisations, number of sick leave certifications issued etc.
  •  Inform staff members when their medical reports have been received, once cleared by the doctors
  •  File records after doctor or nurse’s use, ensuring that all documents are kept in the right files or pockets and maintains a clear filing system to facilitate easy retrieval of documents.
  •  Ensure that all sick leave data are up to date and that information is transmitted to the relevant offices of SEA, in a timely manner.
  •  Ensure that all medical records are scanned in a timely manner.

Function 3 (Incl. Expected Results)

Provides Administrative Support achieving results such as:

  •  Assist the nurse in coordinating educational session to staff
  •  Ensure, confidentiality of employee medical files.
  • Update information and content for the medical clinic website, in consultation with SSP and Nurse
  • Assist the nurse in evaluating supplies, preparing orders and maintaining an efficient inventory and stock of medications/ vaccines and other medical supplies and equipment.

Function 4 (Incl. Expected Results)

Provides Administrative services to SSP achieving results such as:

  •  Scanning and recording documents in the electronic filing system
  •  Maintaining electronic filing system of SSP and ensuring that filing is done in a timely manner.
  •  Serves as the back-up to the HR Assistants on pension and medical matters
  •  Prepare to whom it may concern letters for staff and retirees as an when required
  •  Assist in setting up appointments on behalf of staff members for RAMQ purposes




  •  Completion of full secondary education


  •  Successful completion of formal secretarial training and courses on the application of or equivalent experience.

Professional Experience


  •  At least four years’ administrative experience.
  •  Experience in dealing with various clients in an international environment.
  •  Experience handling/ filing medical records.


  •  Pervious experience working in a clinic or similar environment
  •  Work experience in international organizations and in the United Nations system.
  •  Experience using database software packages/ tools that are used in the medical field.



  • Fluent reading, writing, and speaking abilities in English.


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