Assistant Scientist - Agronomy

International Rice Research Institute(IRRI), Yangon, Myanmar

Skill Required:, Monitoring and EvaluationResearch and Analysis
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
19th January, 2015

Job Description

Job Purpose

  • Under the minimal supervision of the IRRI Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Leader, assist in the design of experiment(s), survey(s) and other research studies according to Organizational Unit specific project goals and research objectives. Manage the implementation of defined research activities. Evaluate and validate experimental data and contribute to manuscript for reports/publications as well as presentations/posters for national and international conferences. Supervise, coach and guide scholars, OJTs, researchers and research technicians. Coordinate and prepare training sessions for a variety of people.
  • This position will be located either in Yangon or central dry zone and will require regular field work in the Ayeyarwady delta and central dry zone, and occasional trips to other project sites in Myanmar.
  • This position can only be  filled by citizens and permanent residents of Myanmar.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist in designing an experiments/ field studies/household surveys based on  the research outline provided, in the field of agronomy and rice varietal response
  1. Contribute to the development of research proposals including reviewing related literature and providing logistical support
  2. Exchange conceptual ideas with collaborating partners (at national and local levels) and seek feedback
  3. Coordinate with collaborating partners on their research requirements
  4. Verify suggested methodologies and establish parameters
  5. Select adequate research tools and equipment based on employed analytical methods
  6. Assist in the identification of support staff and assign tasks/responsibilities
  7. Guarantee availability of services and supplies


  • Manage the implementation of  farmer participatory field experiments  and other research studies related to best management practices and participatory varietal selections of rice by farmers and community seed banks by farming communities
  1. Provide assistance and information to scholars and collaborators considering the implementation of  experiment(s) including the logistics
  2. Be involved in research activities and monitor field activities of researchers, technicians and contract workers; be responsive to requests from our national government partners from DoA and DAR , and NGOs
  3. Maintain smooth conduct of experiment(s) by troubleshooting and fostering a productive teamwork environment
  4. Develop standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Consolidate, evaluate and analyze research data related to adaptive research on natural resource management of rice and participatory selection of rice varieties and household surveys
  1. Summarize and validate data using appropriate advanced statistical tools  independently
  2. Assist in the interpretation of results in relation to farmer field trials and household surveys
  3. Assist in drafting conclusions to enable necessary actions or decisions
  4. Assure maintenance of accurate data recording and update database for efficient storage and retrieval of information


  • Contribute to the preparation of reports, publications, and presentations
  1. Summarize research findings and draft manuscripts for publication in referred journals
  2. Submit project reports
  3. Prepare posters and papers for presentation at local and international conferences
  • Coordinate and prepare trainings
  1. Draft training material using readily available published information (i.e. protocols, methodology)
  2. Prepare necessary supply; identify resource persons; make sure that the logistics are appropriate for defined purpose
  3. Responsible for the professional development of Research Technicians
  4. Act as resource person for training courses and visitors
  • People Management
  1. Supervise the work of Researchers and Research Technicians
  2. Carry out performance appraisals of Research Technicians
  3. Responsible for the professional development of Research Technicians
  4. Supervise or assist students and trainees
  • Networking with other IRRI-Myanmar projects and national partners
  1. Provide regular and effective communication to IRRI staff at the Yangon office and to our national partners, and provide assistance to other IRRI projects when called upon
  2. Perform any other duties as assigned by supervisor from time to time.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture/crop science and 4 years of relevant work experience in Agronomy or;
  • Master of Science degree in Agriculture/crop science and 1 year relevant work experience in adaptive research or field trials.

Skills Required

  • Proven Technical proficiency in conducting research experiments
  • Excellent Myanma skills and good English skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Experience with Quality assurance
  • Experience with Research management
  • Good presentation skills
  • Proven skills of interacting well with project partners, especially national partners

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