Associate Manager

Islamic Development Bank

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The role holder is responsible for leading the Human Capital Management (HCM) Division to provide an integrated and comprehensive internal service solution to ICIEC employees and stakeholders. The role holder is also responsible for establishing the budget for the HCM Division, articulating the Human Capital strategy and establishing people management framework that support the achievement of business objectives by ensuring availability of the skilled, engaged and high-performance workforce.
The role holder is expected to build a capable and highly performing workforce, tooled to adhere to the ICIEC’s defined cores values. 
Managerial Responsibilities:
  • Participates in the development and implementation of Human Capital Management plans, in line with the corporate objectives.
  • Manages the implementation of Human Capital Management mandates, providing leadership and facilitating work processes in order to achieve high performance standards and outcomes.
  • Directs and manages the mandate of the Human Capital Management Division , providing leadership and facilitating work processes in order to achieve high performance standards as outcomes.
  • Leads and monitors change(s) in the Human Capital Management Division by providing guidance and support, necessary for continuous improvement.
  • Ensures compliance with ICIEC’s policies, procedures and quality standards in the Human Capital Management in the headquarters as well as at the regional offices and representative offices.
Human Capital Strategy:
  • Develops the overall strategy for the Human Capital Management Division and aligns it with ICIEC’s business strategy and overall mandate.
  • Leads the development of budgets for the Human Capital Management Division in coordination of key stakeholders to ensure alignment between financial and strategic planning and manages the authorization and deployment of financial and budgetary controls to ensure expenditures are under control and appropriately utilized.
  • Proposes organization development and effectiveness standards to ensure that the HCM policies support the business needs by means of effective design, communication and credible delivery of the programs.
  • Leads strategic talent acquisition initiatives for ICIEC by creating a ‘preferred employer’ brand and ensuring development of robust tools and processes for talent selection, acquisition and retention based on the knowledge of the talent landscape of ICIEC pertaining to capability available and skills required to support achievement of organizational strategy.
  • Proposes and implements of Individual Performance and Development Review (iPDR) system to ensure alignment between business and individual performance.
  • Leads in the establishment of a robust Training and Development framework that drives learning and knowledge sharing environment in ICIEC to develop the behavioral and technical competences of employees required to achieve business results.
  • Proposes adaptive reward system that ensure development of a competitive compensation framework which assist in the recruitment and retention of the right pool of talents.
  • Leads the development of leadership and succession planning initiatives to ensure the development of as strong leadership pipeline at ICIEC.
  • Leads enhancements in ICIEC’s HCM systems and processes to establish a performance-driven and engaged culture that supports the organizational strategy.
  • Leads in the set up or coordination of a Mechanism for the Settlement of Grievances and Conflict Resolution within ICIEC.
Workforce Planning and Recruitment:
  • Prepares and implements workforce planning in close coordination with the ICIEC Management ensuring the employee needs of the organization are being met in a cost-effective manner and periodically reviews the workforce-planning targetto ensure relevance with business needs.
  • Implements recruitment processes to ensure effective identification, selection, recruitment, induction & on-boarding and retention of best in-class talent to support all business requirements .
  • Conducts the SWOT (strength, weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis on the recruitment process and develops an employee value proposition to enhance ICIEC’s brand image.
  • Develops and implements a credible policy framework and standards for internal employee recruitment and redeployment system ensuring the mechanism is transparent, credible and competitive with IsDB entities , similar organizations and relevant markets.
  • Manages, review and track the Access Rights to the Recruitment System (Sniper Hire).
Talent Management:
  • Designs a comprehensive Competency Framework for ICIEC and integrates it with all people processes for effective implementation.
  • Designs and guides implementation of systems and processes for effective career planning and management of all employees to ensure employees have line of sight about their career progression.
Individual Performance and Development Review (iPDR):
  • Develops a system to plan, monitor and manage the performance of employees and their contribution to the achievement of the strategic objectives and ensures it provides inputs on identifying learning needs, differential rewarding of high performers and career progression.
  • Develops and implements systems and processes for supporting employee learning and development to ensure organization and individual learning.
  • Engage all employees to ensure timely implementation of iPDR processes.
Compensation & Benefits:
  • Designs and administers a credible Total Compensation and Benefits program as well as the Rewards and Recognition Framework to ensure competitiveness within the industry.
  • Ensures differential rewarding methodology for high performers in line with the guidelines and compensation philosophy of the IsDB Group.
  • Identifies and implements employee benefits programs including life insurance plan, pension plan, housing loan, education grant, leave and family dependency support activities etc. to ensure provision of relevant support to the employee and ensure adherence to laid down guidelines.
Employee Relations and Communication:
  • Defines guidelines for management of all employee relations activities like attendance, benefits administration, payroll management, policy implementation etc. to support all employees.
  • Promotes ICIEC-wide employee relations through internal communication (portal, newsletter and bulletin) and programs as well as employee opinion surveys, use of entities like Ombudsman and Integrity and Ethics Department and ensures the provision and use of facilities such as Workplace Relations Committee, Appeals Committee and Administrative Tribunal for grievance management and resolution.
Reporting and Communications:
  • Establishes a framework for Human Capital Management dashboard to ensure availability of all information relevant to HCM processes and activities is available for easy reference.
  • Ensures timeliness and accuracy in all reports generated (Workforce Planning, Training and Development, iPDR, Talent Management initiatives, Payroll Report, Employee Relations etc.) to monitor the progress of various programs and ensure adherence to established plan.
  • Monitors and ensures timely submission of reports to the Department of Finance and Treasury pertaining to accounts payable to assist the cost analysis comparison.
  • Produces a monthly report on HCM statistics, reports and analysis for distribution to internal stakeholders.
People Management Responsibilities:
  • Defines goals and key performance indicators for each member of the HCM team and ensures effective application of the ICIEC Performance and Development Review process.
  • Ensures high level of employee engagement and capability development by providing on-going feedback and coaching team members.
  • Years of Experience in HRM
  • 8 Years for Master's Degree Holder
  • 6 Years for Doctorate Degree Holder
  • Minimum 3 years of managerial/supervisory experience.
  • Professional Experience preferably in Multilateral Organization or Financial Institutions
  • Human Resources/Business Management/Administration or related qualification Degree Holder
Qualification Level:
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate
  • N/A
  • 8 Years
  • 6 Years
Language and Other Information:
Business Language:
  • English – Mandatory
  • Arabic – Preferable
  • French – Preferable