Associate, Projects

Bridge International Academies, Hyderabad, India

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
9th December, 2017

Job Description

Who We Are

Roughly 2.7 billion people live on less than $2/day. In their communities, there is a huge gap between the education offered and the needs of the population. Too often the schools available to them fail. The quality offered is poor, teachers are unresponsive and occasionally abusive, and fees are expensive. Even “free” government schools can cost anywhere between $2 and $12 per month after all of the additional fees (some sanctioned, some not) are added up. 55% of families end up choosing private schools instead, but then fear for the stability and sustainability of their choice as many schools close after only a few years of service. Both the government schools and the private schools tend to lack well-conceived curriculum, student achievement data, and the capacity to react to that data.

Families are actively searching for a better academic alternative.

Enter Bridge International Academies. As of June 2016, Bridge is operating more than 450 academies across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, and India.

Bridge utilizes a scripted-learning education methodology coupled with 'big data' (all teachers have tablets for instruction, assessment, and data-gathering) that allows us to make curriculum a little better every day.

With plans to enroll ten million students ten years from now, Bridge International Academies offers a tremendous opportunity to grow with one of the world’s most exciting, ambitious, and socially conscious companies, with leadership roles available across a number of competencies and geographies.

About the Role

We are looking for a full-time Project Associate to join our Academics Team.

We need a rock star of DETAILS: someone who can successfully ensure that the roughly 1700 lessons taught each week are delivered to the right place at the right time, in pristine condition. In this role, you’ll be collaborating most with our Curriculum and Tech Team to ensure the academic materials arrive safely in the hands of every Bridge teacher.

You will use our native application, internally known as “the Scheduler” to program our academic calendars and exams. The academic calendar encompasses nearly 150 periods in 11 different grade levels for our 100,000 (and growing!) pupils across 5 different markets.

What you will do

  • Manage teacher guides
  • Oversee the collection and organization of ~1700 files each week
  • Communicate frequently with curriculum teams to ensure alignment on deadlines and deliverables
  • Train new members of the curriculum team on how to properly format teacher guides
  • Manage the Kenyan Conversion Team, a group of people based in Nairobi who perform the MS Word to XML conversion process, to ensure deadlines are met and priorities are clear
  • Transfer ~1700 files weekly between curriculum team and conversion team
  • Track which files have been uploaded against the files needed
  • Upload all converted files to server by weekly deadlines so academies can download teacher guides in advance of lesson date
  • Create and maintain an organized file archive that facilitates easy access to teacher guides from previous years/terms
  • Program the Academy Calendar
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders to determine the layout of academy timetables
  • Use the tool known as the ‘Scheduler’ to create and maintain the timetables on which our academies run
  • Assure the quality of data in the Scheduler to ensure academies are receiving the correct scripts, timetables are error free, and assessment/exam data is accurate
  • Identify and outline potential product improvements for the Scheduler tool and work with the tech team to implement improvements

Required Skills & Experience

  • 4-year college degree or equivalent
  • Proficiency with Excel
  • Acute attention to detail
  • “Puzzle person” with an affinity for solving logic problems
  • Ability to communicate concisely and clearly
  • Desire to operate in a structured environment and to iterate on an organized and efficient system.
  • Ability to execute tasks at a rapid pace without sacrificing quality of work (errors are few and far between)
  • Confidence to speak up if something feels inefficient or generally doesn’t gel with our way of doing things
  • Constant desire to look for ways to improve existing systems. “Good enough” is never good enough for you.

Additional Skills & Experience (preferred)

  • Familiarity with Python preferred, not required
  • Working knowledge of XML, Content Management Systems, and Information Management Systems a plus
  • 1-3 years postgraduate work, candidates with experience in a technological support role will be highly preferred


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