Associate Resilience Program

World Food Program, Kayah, Burkina Faso

Skill Required:, Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
27th January, 2021

Job Description


Provide expert support and effective technical analysis to policy and program activities that effectively meet food assistance needs.


Under the administrative supervision of the Senior Associate Program of the sub-office, the Engineering / Rural Development Technician will have the following tasks:

  •  Act as the resilience focal point of the sub-office and responsible for the joint WFP - FAO project, he supports the implementation integrated resilience activities;
  • Participate in technical exchanges concerning the construction of works with the technical services of the rural sector;
  • Participate in community programming / planning workshops (PSME, PCP, Communes de Convergence);
  •  Participate actively, with partners, technical services and communities in the identification of sites meeting the priority needs expressed by the community;
  •  Participate in the choice of sites and types of assets to be realized;
  •  Establish a detailed planning of the execution of works, provide support (training, awareness, etc.) for the implementation;
  •  Assess the feasibility of the construction of the structures (availability of labor, construction materials, accessibility to the site, etc.);
  •  Characterize the use that will be made of the productive asset before the installation of the structure;
  •  Monitor the development of assets and structures developed within the framework of FFA projects and give the necessary recommendations;
  •  In collaboration with other members of the Resilience Unit, participate in the preparation of training modules on good agricultural practices and train FAMs and implementing partners;
  •  In collaboration with the 2 experts, implement the package of integrated rural development activities (CES / DRS, Integrated Management of Soil Fertility, Agro-sylvo-pastoral production, restoration of plant cover, production of cereals, legumes, animal fodder, fish, etc.) aimed at building household resilience;
  •  Provide technical training for beneficiaries and technical partners for the proper execution of activities; Ensure the supervision of the execution works of the structures, make the corrections in relation to the deviations in consultation with the rural engineer, ensure the follow-up of the services of the technical and financial partners; Develop a monitoring-evaluation plan and collect data related to the activities developed;
  •  Ensure the provisional and final acceptance of the works carried out in consultation with the Rural Engineering Engineer according to the recommended technical prescriptions;
  •  Strengthen the capacities of all the actors involved in the activities, including university interns;
  •  Perform any other task entrusted to him


  • Have experience in monitoring the creation of productive assets in the context of resilience.
  • Have experience in the coordination and supervision of NGOs and Associations in the implementation of resilience action.
  • Have implemented or supervised the implementation of a resilience project in rural areas.


  • Understanding and Communicating Strategic Objectives: Develop the team in the most effective way to communicate WFP's strategic objectives to the WFP team and partners in the field
  • Be a force for positive change: Implements new methods or tools to improve team work processes and productivity
  • Make the mission a source of inspiration for our team: Plans the activities and tasks of the team based on specific successes in the beneficiary communities in order to present a positive impact
  • Communicate our mission in daily actions: Explain to teammates how each unit contributes to the overall mission of WFP


  • Look for ways to build people's skills: Identifies skills development capabilities such as training modules or on-the-job experiences for oneself, colleagues and direct reports
  • Create an Inclusive Culture: Facilitates team building activities to build rapport in your own unit
  • Develop and provide constructive feedback: Facilitates the association of junior colleagues with coaches within your own team
  • Create an “I want” / “We will” spirit: Anticipates potential challenges and develops mitigation plans to ensure the team meets goals and targets


  • Encourage innovation and creative solutions: Identifies opportunities to be creative in their own work and help the team to be more innovative and precise in their respective tasks and areas of work
  • Focus on Getting Results: Monitors expected team results and provides feedback to ensure results are delivered consistently and accurately
  • Make and Keep Commitments: Gives specific advice to the team on planned responsibilities and tasks, while respecting their own commitment to the team
  • Be Decisive: Lead by example and provide guidance to junior team members as problems escalate as they face difficult issues in the workplace or on the pitch


  • Connect and share between WFP units: Facilitates partnerships with other WFP units to accomplish field missions
  • Build strong external partnerships: Set an example and provide advice to the team on how to build relationships with external partners
  • Be politically agile and adaptable: Outlines for colleagues or direct reports the value of the contribution of other WFP teams and agency partnerships to achieve WFP goals


  • Capacity name Description of expected behavior for the skill level
  • Program life cycle and food assistance Demonstrates the ability to identify key variables and contextual factors that affect food aid issues and programs throughout the life cycle to inform quality program design or redesign.
  • Transfer methods (food, cash, vouchers) Demonstrates the ability to implement, under supervision, food aid programs implementing the full range of transfer modalities, understanding the basic principles that guide the selection and implementation of modalities.
  • Extensive knowledge of specialized fields Understands basic technical concepts and data and their relevance to food aid programs.
  • Emergency programming Displays the ability to provide inputs into the development, implementation and realignment of high quality emergency programs.
  • Strategic policy engagement with government Understands and applies the basic principles of engaging with government counterparts at the national or local level.


  •    Contributed to the implementation of the programs.
  •    Have at least 05 years of professional experience in the field of rural development, including two (2 years) with the United Nations or NGOs;
  •    Have acquired experience in the implementation of technical programs (food security, livelihoods, resilience, value chain, etc.);
  •    Supervision experience of field actors, in particular NGOs; Ability to work within a multidisciplinary and multicultural team;
  •    Proficiency in at least one of the national languages.



  • Have a higher technician diploma in Rural Development or other related field.


  • Have a mastery of the French language and level B (intermediate) in English


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