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World Food Programme, Niamey, Niger

Skill Required:, Monitoring and Evaluation
Preferred Experience: 
5 years
Closing Date for Applications: 
13th January, 2020

Job Description


The United Nations World Food Program is the largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger in the world. In Niger, WFP has met the needs of poor women, men, boys and girls since 1968. We are working to achieve the Zero Hunger goal by 2030 by supporting government and community efforts on two fronts, saving lives and change lives.

In Niger, WFP works in the field of school feeding in order to support the Government in its educational policy, one of the priorities of which is to provide quality basic education to all girls and boys, of school age.

School feeding programs have undergone new changes and are nowadays a key strategy to support national policies in the fields of education, nutrition, social protection and food security. They thus offer opportunities to support young learners throughout their schooling and constitute a gateway to all interventions targeting adolescents.

It is in this context that the 3 United Nations agencies including WFP, UNFPA and UNICEF will implement a joint initiative which aims to remove the barriers that hinder the education of young girls especially in fragile areas affected by the Niger conflict . The joint program “School Food Plus” thus aims to address solutions to the multiple obstacles that affect the education and well-being of girls and adolescents through a holistic and multisectoral approach in the fields of education, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and protection to ensure an environment conducive to their full development.

This program is aligned with the United Nations Framework Plan (UNDAF 2019-2021) and offers a more global and integrated approach which highlights the complementarity and synergy of the interventions of each agency in order to achieve more convincing and tangible results. for universal education.

WFP, as lead partner of the joint program in Niger, is responsible for coordinating the said program, in particular taking charge of staff dedicated to the implementation of activities.

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  • Objective : WFP is recruiting a Senior Program Assistant to support aspects related to reporting and the sharing of information related to monitoring and evaluation for the three WFP agencies, UNFPA and UNICEF
  • The Senior Assistant will work under the direct supervision of the coordinator of the joint project. He / she will work in close collaboration with the M&E sections of the three agencies and will notably provide monitoring / evaluation support for project activities. He / she is responsible for providing support for the design of monitoring / evaluation tools, the collection and analysis of all the data allowing the monitoring of project performance in order to correct any shortcomings. He / she is also responsible for the development and management of databases meeting the information needs of the project.


  • Contribute to centralize and collect the elements of analysis allowing to inform the indicators of the logical framework of the joint project periodically.
  • Contribute to the preparation / monitoring of baseline studies and regular internal / external evaluations in order to inform the project monitoring indicators.
  • Support follow-up visits to field activities according to identified needs and provide regular analytical reports, in particular on the bottlenecks relating to progress and the appropriate solutions to facilitate strategic decision-making.
  • Ensure the collection, analysis and documentation of information relating to monitoring the progress of the joint project;
  • Participate in internal participatory evaluations of project activities in collaboration with participating organizations (PAM-UNFPA-UNICEF).
  • Centralize, consolidate and store all information on the project for use by the program team, partners and the donor.
  • Facilitate the transmission of information and establish a chain of communication within the three agencies.
  • Contribute to the production of reviews and publications on the achievements of the joint project;
  • Contribute to the integration of priority programmatic approaches in the implementation of the project.
  • Support project coordination for the production of periodic reports in accordance with the logical framework of the joint project with good documentation of lessons learned;
  • Perform any other task assigned by the supervisor;


  • The indicators of the logical framework are informed and monitored periodically;
  • Baseline studies and regular internal and external evaluations to inform the project monitoring indicators are conducted;
  • Field visits are carried out and relevant guidelines are proposed;
  • Detailed documentation on the implementation of the project is established;
  • Relevant contributions are made to the preparation of program documents: reports, reviews, publications;



  • Understand and communicate strategic objectives: Develops the team in the most effective way to communicate MAP strategic objectives for the team and MAP partners in the field
  • Be a force for positive change: Implements new methods or tools to improve team work processes and productivity
  • Make the mission a source of inspiration for our team: Plan the activities and tasks of the team based on specific successes in the beneficiary communities in order to present a positive impact
  • Communicate our mission in daily actions: Explain to teammates how each unit contributes to WFP's overall mission


  • Look for ways to build people skills: Identify skills development skills such as training modules or workplace experiences for yourself, colleagues and direct reports
  • Create an inclusive culture: Facilitates team building activities to build relationships in your own unit
  • Develop and provide constructive feedback: Facilitates the association of junior colleagues with coaches within your own team
  • Create an “I want” / “We will do” spirit: Anticipate potential challenges and develop mitigation plans to ensure that the team achieves goals and targets


  • Encourage innovation and creative solutions: Identify opportunities to be creative in their own work and help the team to be more innovative and precise in their respective tasks and work areas
  • Focus on getting results: Monitors the team's expected results and provides feedback to ensure the results are delivered consistently and accurately
  • Make commitments and keep them: Gives specific advice to the team on planned responsibilities and tasks, while respecting their own commitment to the team
  • Be decisive: Lead by example and provide advice to junior team members when problems get worse when faced with difficult problems in the workplace or in the field


  • Connect and share between WFP units: Facilitates partnerships with other WFP units to carry out field missions
  • Build strong external partnerships: Set an example and provide advice to the team on how to build relationships with external partners
  • Be politically agile and adaptable: State for colleagues or direct reports the value of the contribution of other MAP teams and agency partnerships to achieve MAP goals


  • Capacity name Description of expected behavior for skill level
  • Program life cycle and food assistance Demonstrates the ability to identify key variables and contextual factors that affect food aid problems and programs throughout the life cycle to inform the design or redesign of the quality program.
  • Transfer methods (food, cash, vouchers) Demonstrates the ability to implement, under the supervision, food aid programs implementing the full range of transfer modalities, understanding the fundamental principles that guide the selection and implementation of modalities.
  • Extensive knowledge of specialized fields Understands basic technical concepts and data and their relevance to food aid programs.
  • Emergency programming Displays the ability to provide inputs into the development, implementation and realignment of high quality emergency programs.
  • Strategic policy engagement with government Understands and applies the basic principles of engagement with government counterparts at the national or local level.


Education: High school diploma.

Language: Excellent command of French and good knowledge of English (minimum level B). Good knowledge of local languages.

Computer science: Good computer skills (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet, etc.)


  • Education : Have a university degree of Bac +4 in statistics, Economic, social sciences, education sciences, project management and monitoring evaluation or any other equivalent diploma;
  • Experience: Have at least 5 years of professional experience, including at least 3 years in the field of monitoring & evaluation, design and conduct of data collection operations and / or database management and a good knowledge of statistical software (SPSS, STATA) and data collection tools (OKD, KOBO, etc ...).


  • Great analytical and synthesis skills;
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, to multitask, including organizational skills, and to prioritize;
  • Good ability to conduct quantitative as well as qualitative surveys (from the design of tools to the dissemination of reports);
  • Good writing skills;
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify key variables and contextual factors that affect the project throughout the life cycle;
  • Understand basic concepts and technical data and their relevance to the project
  • Understand and apply the basic principles of engagement with government counterparts at the national or local level.


  • WFP provides equal opportunities for all
  • WFP is committed to promoting a work culture in which each employee understands, and is able to carry out their professional responsibilities and maintain the dignity of co-workers. PAM offers career opportunities for its employees and supports them in their professional development with training and continuous learning activities.
  • WFP is also determined to create and maintain a harmonious workplace environment, based on mutual respect and understanding, free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority and respectful of diversity. WFP is committed to diversity and inclusion in its workforce and encourages qualified female and male applicants from all religious and ethnic backgrounds to apply. WFP has zero tolerance for discrimination and does not discriminate based on HIV / AIDS status.
  • Finally, WFP seeks to promote gender equality and empower women and is confident that its mission to end world hunger can only be achieved if women, men, girls and boys are equal opportunities for access to resources and services and participation in decision-making roles.
  • Duration of the contract : 1 year (renewable)
  • Remuneration : according to the WFP / United Nations grid
  • Eligibility : This notice is open to candidates of Nigerien nationality. The feminine candidacies are deeply encouraged.


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